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Game of Thrones has some amazing characters. Who are your favorites and why?

My favorites are:

Arya because of pretty much everything. From "stick em with the pointy end" to her nightly prayer, Arya is an amazing character, especially considering her age in the book.

Jon Snow.  The poor guy can't catch a break despite having a lot handed to him. Up until about book 5, he's one of my absolute favorite sections to read.

Tyrion. Between his wit and his height, Tyrion has one of the largest characters in the book.

There are several more. Who do you guys like?

Arya is a main favorite also. The reason I started watching the show in this past year was her, a client referenced her and a few other of the strong female leads for a design job, the idea of a Shield Maiden. Dog interests me, his philosophical bluntness and pretty much the ones you mentioned, all being still alive, at least in the short term.

Side characters though, as it were, as they can and will move about in importance in the show. Roose Bolton, his movements and motivations are worth paying attention to, not to mention his Bastards… There are several others too… Across the sea. Grey Worm… very interesting character.

I love The Hound and Arya together. And, of course I love Tyrion.

I really loved Ned Stark, and when I started watching the show was looking forward to his development as I figured he was the main character and would be around for a long time. Well, that was before I really understood how the show works I guess. LOL. I remember being stunned when that happened, and just thinking "WTF?".

Probably as stunned as all the GoT readers I know that Lady Stoneheart did not appear….


--- Quote from: Staggerlee on June 17, 2014, 04:42:02 PM ---Probably as stunned as all the GoT readers I know that Lady Stoneheart did not appear….

--- End quote ---
Seeing as she is currently on 24, I am hoping that they just didn't want to try to have her appear in one episode and she'll be on season 5. 


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