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What have you all been up to since we left the island?

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I was so excited when Craig told me that SWLS is baaaaack. 

How has everybody been doing?  What have you been up to in the last 4 years?

So many great memories and good friendships were created here so glad to be back !!

Omg, did you say 4 years!?!?

Well, the biggest news for me is that I decided to go back to work, and I'm currently training to be a dog groomer. Hopefully I'll be done with school and working for reals by the end of June!

How are YOU, Debz???

CC when you are done, let me know I have friends who live in Auburndale and maybe they will use your services.

Yes, four years, that  was my first trip to England.  Since I have been back twice.  I met a wonderful man, bought a house and soon to have our third cat.  And going on 10 years with the company I work for.

But if we are FB friends you all knew that.  Four years

wow can't believe its been 4 years, back then only had internet access in work, used to hate it when I had to go home and miss out on the laughs. now have internet at home and on phone so wont be missing out!! In same job still, been there over 12 years now and was promoted to office manager recently, although I may be demoted if I get caught on here in work time haha. still got 2 dogs Pollen and Kilo who are old timers now (sob) no kids (by choice). Still live in hometown Liverpool and spend much of my free time working my fabulous (but small) garden, growing tomatoes, herbs and flowers I love it!! So glad we are all back and can't wait to hear how everyone is getting on!! :-D

 8) Hello everyone! I've been very busy during these last few years. I got divorced and moved back to my hometown of Hickory NC. I started working for our local brewery which I absolutely love. And about 2 years ago I met the love of my life(for real this time). I lost around 100 lbs which feels amazing. I cant wait to hear what everyone has been up to!!


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