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Do you love GoT?

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This is the show I've been the most into since LOST. Anyone else loving it? If anyone does come back to this site, let's try sticking around and discussing some current shows?

Yes! I binge-watched all the previous seasons when it came back because I was tired of not getting references. Now I'm obsessed. GoT and Fargo are my current must-sees.

I am a huge GoT fan, but I haven't seen any of season 4 yet. 

Season 4 started slow but has been nailing it lately!

I'm very excited for tomorrow night's episode. Having last week off sucked. Ever since I started watching the show (a whopping six weeks ago) I haven't had to wait more than a week between epis. But we should get to see how the trial-by-combat goes!

My favorite story line is the Hound and Arya.

Have you ever listened to any podcasts about the show? I listen to "Boars, Swords and Gore." The hosts are really funny!


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