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This is an epilogue that was shot for the season 6 DVD. Some interesting reveals

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found this on another forum


surprised there's discussion of it here

so I guess people really don't want to be spoiled

I thought it was a very interesting video

It was great. See it know or on the dvd, whats the diff.

Looks like Walt was given the job of being in charge of the island.

I knew that the Orchid was the place that they were "sending" the polar bears from.  And the automated scheduling well come on that makes sense.
Poor dudes putting labels on the peas...roflmao. 
I still find it insulting that they didn't give the fans this on tv. 

this is some crazy stuff:
I just watched it. And I liked it.  I think it was good to show us (the people that will buy the DVD's)  because I think the average viewer would not really get why they were showing us this. 


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