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Welcome to the WEBSITES Board!
« on: May 11, 2006, 12:19:21 PM »
This area of the forum is for discussing and sharing interesting websites (primarily, off-topic ones).  We also have separate forums for discussing THE LOST EXPERIENCE, OFFICIAL LOST SITES AND MATERIAL and UNOFFICIAL LOST SITES AND MATERIAL.

It is our understanding that you have read and understand our forum Rules & Regulations and will apply them on this forum.  Please see the Usage Agreement also, for more details.

Please make special note for this forum that we do not allow for commercially promotional SPAM (especially that which is totally irrelevant to interests of our community, such as "LOSE WEIGHT FAST", "LOWER YOUR MORTGAGE" schemes, etc), and this will be deleted.  We will allow for some self-promotional sites that are related to LOST, but reserve the right to place limits on this.  This forum is primarily here for users to share outside non-LOST related sites that they have fun with.
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