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--- Quote from: Sweet Old Lady on July 12, 2010, 08:41:10 PM ---It's real good.  It's about seven seemingly random people who disappear and wake up in a strange ghost town.  The town is surrounded by a pain barrier that knocks them out if they try to leave.  I don't know if you can catch up.  NBC had the episodes on line, but when I checked this morning they had removed the first three.  It's available on demand but I don't know if the first three episodes are available still.

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wonder if hulu has it.
sounds interesting

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yeah it does...i am gonna check it out too!
-So I got home and was mad because the 1st episode wasn't ondemand, but I found it online and watched.I really like the idea of the show. I can't wait to catch up so I can see them on the TV and not my laptop!

We are enjoying this show. Not great, but good summer program. Glad it is only for the summer. Been switched to Saturday nights, which usually means the ratings are bad.

Wow Juggy! ? is that really you

I found it on Hulu and watched some of it a lunch today.  But just bought two historical books one on the War of the Roses and the other on QE the first not sure what will have my attention!

It looks interesting and I have seen pieces of it.... some of the actors are old familiars... ;D


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