Author Topic: What's left to be resovled in X?  (Read 1268 times)

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What's left to be resovled in X?
« on: April 21, 2010, 02:40:26 PM »
Claire has to meet Charlie. 
-- (Desmond now knows her name and can deduce she's the girl Charlie was talking about.)  Maybe the intensity of childbirth will be good enough for to remember him.  [Is Charlie still at the hospital now?]

Jack has to reunite with Kate. 
-- Now that he has met Claire, he'll probably be there for the birth of Aaron and Kate is the only friend Claire has, so she'll probably be there too once her legal issues are resolved.

Sawyer has to have resolution with Anthony Cooper. 
-- I like the idea someone posted that Sawyer comes to the hospital to interview Sun and Jin.  Anthony Cooper will likely come to the hospital to see about Locke, so they can meet that way.  Miles needs to be there as well, though, to serve as a conscience for Sawyer not to kill AC this time around.

Sawyer has to meet Juliet.
-- Unclear.  But I could go with the idea that's been floated that Juliet is the ex-Mrs. Jack -- both doctors; it's an easy solution -- and Juliet comes to the hospital to pick up David.

Daniel has to meet Charlotte.
-- Seems like Desmond will have to do something to get Charlotte to remember Daniel.


I take it that Shannon's non-appearance is an actress issue, not a specific plot issue?  [Does Maggie Grace not want to be a part of this anymore?]

Same for Ann-Lucia?  Or was she not important enough to warrant a resolution?

Seems like Michael and Walt deserve to have an X storyline, but I guess not.  (I understand the problem of filming it because the actor playing Walt has grown up, but I would have figured they'd get at least an expository resolution.)

Ilana needs a father figure, but how does a classy lawyer wind up having any relationship to a high school history teacher?
-- Enter Desmond.


Don't see how there's any resolution possible for Richard in X.

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Re: What's left to be resovled in X?
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2010, 12:57:30 PM »
If the resolution of the alt-storyline is that everyone needs to be re-united with loved ones or be otherwise traumatized in order to remember the island, then I'd say:

Sawyer needs to encounter Juliet (Perhaps as David's mom coming to pick up david at the hospital, with Sawyer at the hospital to talk to Sun & Jin?)

Jack needs to meet Kate - yes, I think Jack will end up with Kate, not sure if its been set up yet as to how he might run into her - perhaps the police let her go and she ends up at the hospital for Claire's delivery.

Claire - somehow runs into Charlie, or has a near-death experience in childbirth

Sun - seems she's already remembered

Jin - no idea

Hurley - he already remembers thanks to Libby

Sayid - not sure - seeing Nadia didn't trigger his memories - I wonder if he will either a) somehow run into Shanon (is Maggie Grace supposed to be making an appearance?) or b) if his loss of soul in main timeline somehow will preclude him from remembering the main timeline in the alt timeline

Locke - I'm guessing he'll remember due to near death during his surgery.

Other characters (Miles, Ben, Dr. Candle probably don't get to remember but then they are not important / aren't candidates).

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Re: What's left to be resovled in X?
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2010, 01:31:00 PM »
I think Sayid is going to have a run in with Shannon. The Nadia thing didn't spark his memory. Maybe he was put on the island to find his TRUE love, Shannon. I'd LOVE to see Sayid beat the crap out of one of Shannon's douchey boyfriends