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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #30 on: June 21, 2006, 06:57:00 PM »
June 21

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 03

Rachel appears to now be on the tail of Hugh McIntyre, presenting evidence of his marital infidelity.  She believes he is a "smart tactition," because from what she has gathered, his girlfriend seems to work for the Global Welfare Consortium (a world health watchdog organization that is supposed to prevent abuses by companies such as THF--see pg 1 for GWC letters).

She also links a document from THF which cemented this partnership with the GWC.
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #31 on: June 21, 2006, 07:45:00 PM »
June 21

DJ Dan Update

DJ Dan's newest podcast links back to, in the owelles directory:

Highlights from the podcast:
  • DJ Dan talks about life extension, and specifically, about a group called Flower of Life Enterprizes, being a subsidiary of The Hanso Foundation.
  • DJ Dan believes that Hanso himself partook in these life extension treatments, and that it rendered him "a freak," and that now he is Joop.

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/21 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live from the part of your craw where it all sticks! [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: Life know what that is? It's dumping hormones and drugs and cocktails of vitamins in your body in the sad hopes you'll squeeze out an extra 10 or 20 years.

T: Good morning to you, too, DJ Dan.

D: Yep. Tanya... what's a meaningful life?

T: where you meet the entire living cast of Gunsmoke?

D: [Laughing] Tanya is just obsessed with TV Westerns. And..while her response was glib, she actually makes a good point: if you fulfill your hopes and desires, make an impact on the world... if you do these things, and you have some fun in the process, have you not lived a good life?

T: I'd say!

D: So..would you agree that Ghandi lived a good life? Martin Luther King? Jimi Hendrix? Lou Gherig? Jesus of Nazareth?

T: That list only included men.

D: Fine, fine, fine. Mama Cass. Happy?

T: Most of those people lived unnaturally short lives, DJ Dan.

D: And yet, they changed the world. They didn't wait around. They didn't buy into the lies of THE MAN! Selling you on his pipe dreams. That's right--Chris, from Kansas City--what do you think?

C1:  Huh now, look DJ Dan...I believe in life extension, ok?

D: Mm-hmm. Tell me, Chris... are you enrolled in a... uh... life extension program?

C1: Yes I am... it's manufactured by this local company called Flower of Life Enterprises--

D: LOCAL, you say? Try local by way of Denmark! Chris?!

C1: Huh?

D: I don't wanna alarm you, son... but you are in the grips of The Big Baddies!

C1: Yeah... but I'm tellin' you... I feel great--

D: And I'm telling you that Flower of Life Enterprises is a subsidiary of none other than [Voiceover:  DUNDUNDUN THE HANSO FOUNDATION! EVIL LAUGH] [Laughing] I figure I harp on these guys enough, I oughta have a button.

C1: Uh... who's the Hanso Foundation?

D: WHO'S THE HANSO FOUNDATION! SHUTDOWN!!! Sorry, Chris, had to do it.  I feel something coming on... it's takin' me over... it's makin me do this--

T: Ooooohhh... here it comes again--

D: It's a vast conspiracy, Tanya, of the medical community, the pharmecautical companies, the "wellness" groups, and these pseudo-science quacks with their "miracle" formulas-like the Hanso Foundation...they keep saying they will extend your life? It's a vast conspiracy to take your money and lull you into a sense that you have "all the time in the world"... they're singing a lullaby, Tanya, and the fight is going out of the world!  Now, to answer Chris' question, the Hanso Foundation is Numero Uno on my hit list... and why? 'Cause they LIE! 'Cause they're shrouded in secrecy, 'cause their founder, Alvar Hanso, arms-dealer-turned-peace-flag-waving-pseudo-scientist-Liar-in-Chief, Hanso HIMSELF has been undergoing, according to one of my conspiraspy sources, life extension treatments that have rendered him a Monkey Man!...A FREAK SHOW! Unfit for contact with the public! Why do you think no one has seen this guy in years?! 'Cause he's swingin' through the trees on some mountain in the Netherlands! Now we've all seen their website, and we've seen our hack artist Persephone's good work... The Hanso Foundation's got this crazy old orangutan named Joop...yeah...supposed to appeal to the kids. But, if you click on him--he just goes FRICKIN' BATTY! Now... call me crazy, but I'm willing to put money on the fact that this Joop is none other than Alvar Hanso himself... and I'm afraid, Tonya...I'm afraid that any day, our poor friend Chris is gonna look just like him! Conspiraspies... let me know. Have I gone too far? Has DJ Dan finally cracked up--or could it be that I am I on to something? Your theories, your rants, your raves... when we come back!

You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #32 on: June 22, 2006, 05:30:40 PM »
June 22

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 04

Rachel says she planted a bug in a pepper shaker at a vegan place Mittelwerk goes to as a "secondary office".  She hid the recording on Lost Ninja's forum (another blog, much like the Austrailian version of Speaker that's planted by ABC, and is sort of "in-game").  If you go to the message board and click "reply" to any message, and then click on the "objectionable comment" link to the right. It takes you to a log-in.

User Name: rblake
Password: 105years

Click the link to "Peeping on Tom".

When it was found, the translation of the Korean that she approved was:

MITTELWERK: Minsu, so great to see you.
MINSU: Dr. Mittelwerk. Good to see you too. Mr. Paik sends his warmest regards.
MITTELWERK: He's just saying that because we've paid him so much money.
MINSU: Ah. I see that it's straight to business.
MITTELWERK: As always.
MINSU: I think you'll be pleased to hear your ship is almost ready; with all the modifications. But I have to warn you - this kind of ship can't dock just anywhere.
MITTELWERK: We have a port. How long will it be?
MINSU: I'd say no sooner than three weeks.
MITTELWERK: Could you pass the pepper? So what will it take to make it 2 weeks?
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #33 on: June 22, 2006, 07:19:51 PM »
June 22

Message from wtkFleet35 to Rachel

There was an update to the compass backsite mailbox today in the Trash folder:

A message from a guy named "wtkFleet35" to "OpenersHep".  If you recall, OpenersHep is the one you log on with at the main compass site, and who asks you "Are you one of the good ones?" after you get the needle to line up with 108.  OpenersHep is also an anagram of Persephone, so it appears to be secret communication with Rachel that ended up in the Trash folder!

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Mon Mar 1 21:34:42 2006
[21:34] OpenersHep: Hey.  I have something for you to see.  It’s important.
[21:34] wtkFleet35: who is this?
[21:35] OpenersHep: A friend.
[21:35] wtkFleet35: really?
[21:35] wtkfleet35: …
[21:35] wtkFleet35: all my friends have names. do you have one?
[21:36]   OpenersHep: You can stop them, William.
[21:38] OpenersHep: You have no idea, do you?  What you’re contributing to.  What you’re helping them do.
[21:38] wtkFleet35: who? stop who?
[21:38] OpenersHep: Your business partners. The Hanso Foundation.
[21:40] wtkFleet35: look, think you’re talking to the wrong guy
[21:40] wtkFleet35: sorry
[21:40] OpenersHep: WAIT!
[21:40] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Mon Mar 6 21:40:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 13:08:17 2006
[13:08] OpenersHep: Good.  You’re online.  Look, I know how that came off before – maybe a little… stalker-y?  Sorry.  But, I’ve gotta talk to you.
[13:10] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 15:12:23 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sat Mar 04 21:30:10 2006
[21:30] OpenersHep: William.
[21:30] OpenersHep: Are you there?
[21:40] wtkFleet35: enough already!  Tell me who you are or I’m blocking ypi!
[21:40] wtkFleet35: you!  this is ridiculous!
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 5
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 4
[21:41] OpenersHep: Stop
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 3
[21:41] OpenersHep: So, you’ll listen?  If I tell you my name?
[21:42] OpenersHep: Promise not to boil your bunny
[21:42] wtkFleet35: cute
[21:44] OpenersHep: My name is Rachel B. I have information… it’s about Africa.  Do you know what I’m talking about?
[21:50] wtkFleet35: not a clue
[21:50] OpenersHep: I don’t believe that.  And neither do you.
[21:51] OpenersHep: The Hanso Foundation is using your vehicles, Bill.  They’re hurting people, and your vehicles are part of it.
[21:51] wtkFleet35: that’s not possible
[21:52] OpenersHep: They’re being used for transport.
[21:52] wtkFleet35: my vehicles…
[21:52] wtkFleet35: are being used… for TRANSPORT?
[21:52] wtkFleet35: wow.  Hope you didn’t strain anything coming up with that one.
[21:52] OpenersHep: You want to joke around, Bill?  Or you want to know what’s REALLY going on?
[21:55] wtkFleet35: i have work to do.  no time for your nonsense.
[21:55] OpenersHep: Fine.  Take your time.  Wallow in your denial.  And when you come around, take a look at these files.
[21:57] *** OpenersHep is trying to send you "".
[21:57] OpenersHep: Whenever that night comes, when you can’t sleep cause the guilt’s eating you alive?  Come find me.
[1:34] *** You have received F:\admin\my_docs\
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 1:34:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sun Mar 05 09:23:14 2006
[21:40] wtkFleet35: ok. tell me more?

It appears that the guy's name is William and works for Jeep, and Rachel is trying to tell him THF is using their vehicles for something bad... but what?  And what is

As an aside to those who follow the webmaze closely, a few posts up, I link a video that was posted by "jeepchannel" on YouTube.  A friend of mine actually PM'd this person, suspecting he was in-game last month (after he had loaded other video having to do with the compass site), and he had PM'd a reply warning that we should "look out for a WTK to come up in the webmaze".  This pretty much cements it--seems like the guy making the apology is William Kilpatrick, who signed the earlier contracts for Jeep Daimler to sell 23 vehicles to THF; Jeep later renigged on it with no open reason given.  This chat seems to be the missing part of the puzzle, since we can assume had something to do with the Capetown Inquirer scandal with illegal harvesting of organs in South Africa.
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #34 on: June 24, 2006, 12:09:37 AM »
June 23

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 05

Rachel has a new entry on her blog, saying that Mel0Drama helped her to link a new video somewhere on (it’s a real life site where people list things they’d like to do or have done and have profiles).  The big clue that was supposed to tip us off was actually in post 01, her msg to Mel0Drama:

Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their "better tomorrow"

(If you missed that suble hint, don't feel bad... I've had an account there for a year and didn't catch it)

Once you go there, use her login name from her blog:  RBlake.  You'll find this young lady, who has a pic of her in disguise, and 43 items on her list.   

#4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are all one-word entries.  The hint about what to do with them comes from #43:  Drink a refreshing beverage.  This is a clue to go to Sublymonal, and enter the words in those listings, which are:

truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo

as a string.  When this happens, everything goes blank on the page, and all you are left with is a single entry box.  The hint here again comes from that last line with Mel0Drama (tricky!)... what is in quotes is the password:  better tomorrow.

Once you get in here, you'll find yourself in an interesting hidden directory of Sublymonal:

Many of the folders are empty or error, but the 48 folder contains RB's video.  She bumps into Mittelwerk as she is stalking him... and he drops some maps... of islands!

Unfortunately, they really don't seem to compare well to Danielle's maps (from the show, for comparison)...

Of interest is that it does appear to be a map of some islands in Ontario, Canada near Thunder Bay (the one with the lake may be an island called Puff Island):

The other item of interest in this folder is the memo:

It's dated 1988 and is correspondance from Dr. Hackett (previously mentioned by Mel0Drama as someone he worked for at the EDC) and a Dr. Kini at Lewis Laboratories.  It talks about a "Project Sumo".  Lewis Labs appears to have been contracted by THF at some sort of research formulation (of a new experimental drug?), which didn't go so well the first time because of the strict implementation parameters THF was setting at the time.  They apparently now are in double blind reformulation trials, which Dr. Kini believes are going well (a double blind study is one in which the study participants and the researchers both don't know who the control group is from the experimental group that gets the treatment being studied--this rules out human bias).

Note that "fruitful" is in quotes, and there's something about "pun intended"... fruit?  Where does that fit in here?

Images courtesy of truffula and linuxmoose (who also first found the location)
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #35 on: June 26, 2006, 04:33:07 PM »
June 26

DJ Dan Update

New podcast links to; the direct link is:

Highlights from the podcast:
  • DJ Dan feels like he is in love with Rachel Blake after reading her blog and knowing who she's working against
  • Dan warns Rachel to be careful because of the guys at THF and what they are capable of, sounds like he is talking from personal experience

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/26 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live, from the hackles on the back of your neck [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: It's happened, Tonya...I'm in looove...

T: Who is it this week.

D: Nope! This one's different, Tonya! This one's special. This love, Tonya... it's SHUTTIN' ME DOWN!

T: And why is that, Dan?

D: Because it's a forbidden looove...

T: You're married. Every love is a forbidden love.

D: Does a priest date his parishioners?

T: I hope not...

D: Does a shephard date his flock?

T: Once again...

D: And her name is Rachel Blake, Tonya, and she is the unltimate Conspiraspy.

R: How did you meet?

D: Oh, we didn't. But we have to. If you're listening, Rachel... we need to talk.  So... here's the deal... I'm on the web, surfing my favorite Area 51 sites, when one of my conspiraspies IM's me...Garthazoid! You're a shout out! So... I head to this little blog by this beautiful girl, saaay lower, uh, middle 20's? Has that scrubbed movie version of a girl-next-door look? All smiles and eyelashes. And the site? Talks about how she's on she's on a post-college Euro tour. So, I'm thinkin' " this chick's a little slice of heaven, but, really, why does Garthazoid think I ought to check this out?" I mean...Garthazoid, you know what's going down. We're talking crop circles! We're talking Loch Ness! And if I could, just for a second, just to put this whole business to rest for you Nessieheads? It's a SOUND STAGE, you morons! Same place where they faked the Mars landing! Anyway... point is, Rachel's blog is pleasant...but I don't have the time to be finding out which Geronimo Jackson song little Suzy Cornbelt is listening when she misses her mommy! But, then I enter this code GarthaZoid sends me...and the bells and whistles go off *snaps fingers* and Jesus-Mary-Joseph-Stalin! We got ourselves huge hunkin' 'nother ball 'o wax! It's a video blog! Turns out Rachel is stalking this corporate dude, and the more I watch, the more I realize everything is connected...because the dude is none other than Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk! Evil name, I know...and it fits. Cuz, if you don't know, Dr. Mittlewerk, he is a perpetrator of attrocities in the name of good... Dr. Mittlewerk is President of none other than [Voiceover: DUNDUNDUN THE HANSO FOUNDATION Evil Laugh] A.K.A. Evil Inc., A.K.A. Secrets International, A.K.A. We-Do-Bad-Things-In-The-Name-Of-Wickedness-And-Greed-And-Sell-Them-To-The-World-As-We're-Saving-The-Plant-Through-Our-Science-One-Adorable-Child-At-A-Time! Cue the rainbow and fuzzy puppies. So, I'm on the site--and you've go to go! The footage out there is just NUTS! And then I start to think... is Rachel our girl? Is this the infamous Persephone, hacker of the Hanso Foundation website? Could be. And THEN I start thinking...what is she doing? Is she like us? Is she looking for Alvar Hanso, who's been strangely missing from the world for the past 4 years? Is she really after Mittlewerk? Is she gonna take them all down? Is she gonna take them all down to China Town? I mean, who knows? And then I get worried...Rachel, once again, if you are've got to grow a fake beard, or something, honey. These Hanso people, they're... anyway.... [Fades]Conspiraspies... eyes on the prize. If Rachel Blake is willing to risk her pretty little neck, let's step up and help her! Go to her site, rap with her! And if you ever happen to bump into her in the real world, and she is being followed by some shady goons? Do us all a favor, and drop a banana peel...

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #36 on: June 26, 2006, 06:58:44 PM »
June 26

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 06

Rachel has a new video, and challenges us to find it again, this time linking to LetYourCompassGuideYou.  Click 108 again and log in.

In the trash folder, there is a new folder now.  It is called "Illumination" (note the name), which takes you to the general Jeep Compass marketing website.  If you explore the interior features section, find the pulldown menu on the right and click on "removeable flashlight". 

If you then click "view demo" underneath, you'll find that it's a video of anything but the flashlight (illuminating!).

That's Rachel for you, spunky and knocking over this evil lackey of Mittelwerk with none other than an iron!  :D  She does a comparison shot to show that he is the same guy as was helping Mittelwerk when she bumped into her and he dropped his maps:

The question is, what was the "other fire he had to put out at The Institute"... and which Institute (Vik)?  He apparently was sent there to "fix the situation" and was following Rachel to the hotel.

Images courtesy of lametterey and jlmlostarg
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #37 on: June 27, 2006, 12:04:57 AM »
June 26

Retrievers of Truth Update

The technicians on the ROT backsite have stayed busy.  Some of their in-between update chatter posts haven't been as interesting, but this latest one was probably one to pay attention to. 

If you don't get it you don't get it. iobiSeeingYou 06/26/06
DSLerator - 3:48pm - Ok, this week we'll be asking the questions.
iobiSeeingYou - 3:53pm - Well actually they're hints. 
DSLerator - 3:57pm Yeah... hints to a clue that will lead you to a clue. The answers are words that are right in front of your face on the pages of
iobiSeeingYou - 4:21pm - For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.
BroadBandBeatnik - 4:24pm - So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.
DSLerator - 4:26pm - Got it?
Fiberoptician - 4:28pm - Oh yeah. Makes perfect sense to me.
iobiSeeingYou - 4:30pm - Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret.

The first word in the first song in Caberet is "Wilkommen" (German for "Welcome").  Welcome is on the site:

Sounds like we will get more clues as the weeks go on...

Image courtesy of aggiesean
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #38 on: June 28, 2006, 12:20:03 AM »
June 27

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 07

The newest blog entry finally recognizes linmoo’s great contribution of finding the islands as being a group near Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada)… however, Rachel still seems convinced that she may have seen yet another that wasn’t captured by the camera which was near the equator. This all leaves ME scratching my head… if the writers of this game wanted us to look for islands on the map there, why didn’t they use ones from there in the first place?

The other new info from this blog entry is that GidgetGirl starts providing some clues–about involvement of the Vik Institute (previously introduced in that awful game of Simon before THF shut down) and Dr. Zander again. A fire had broken out, and a new character–a mathematician named Vigi Benoffski–ended up getting killed while getting caught in it. The way they make it sound isn’t very accident-like, is it? And is this mathematician tied in to Valenzetti? Was this the mysterious man he was visiting?

June 27

Retrievers of Truth Update

There's more chatter to the message board, with inferences that characters such as DSLerator are on AIM under those names, and that clues obtained for those AIM IDs will be considered "in game".  I received this clue from someone who got such an AIM msg:

Ok here’s some info that I gotta give you all so I’m gonna copy and
paste to make it easy on little ole me.

Here’s your next hint:  25 15 21 18

It’s simple and I’m sorry but you’ve got more work coming so it
shouldn’t all be hard work.

 Next up:  We’ve been getting some weird vibes like someone might be
catching on to us. We might need to change the ROT PW.  If you can’t
get in just drop an email in the box. The nice Doctor has composed
another of his email puzzles so you’ll have to figure out the new PW.
Just adds to the fun don’t it.

Thanks for all your hard work.  You guys are great.

Translation:  25=Y; 15=O; 21=U; 18=R or Your appears to be the next clue.  Put with yesterdays, it spells Welcome Your

This clue was received at 9:02 PM EDT on June 27 by jlmlostarg
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #39 on: June 28, 2006, 04:29:34 PM »
June 28

Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

Rachel just arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland.  From her backsite blog, a "fan" posts more info about the mathematician, Bernoffski, who supposedly died in the Vik Institute fire while visiting a friend.  In this blog which is supposed to be about this professor, he was supposed to be in Perth, Australia on a lecture tour.  Rachel and her "fans" believe that this is likely a cover story by either Bernoffski, or someone who doesn't wants to hide Bernoffski's true whereabouts in Iceland.

This appears to be corroborated by Rachel's newest video, which has been loaded to (hidden in the source code of the "Links" section).  An alternative is this fan-uploaded YouTube version, for those who can't view the slow download.

In the video, she manages to convince Dr. Armand Zander (who earlier talked about the Vik Institute, which he was hired by THF to direct, as being a "hall of mirrors") to meet her at a restaurant. 

Zander appears reluctant to talk at first, but after she tells him that she read his earlier letter, he confides in her that the "secret ward of patients" was not full of patients at all--but rather mathematicians that are incarcerated against their will, and forced to work on an equation all day.  He also talks about the autistic savants who are like "computational machines" forced to work in the same project, which involves heiroglyphics.   

Those who are regulars to our site will already know that we have figured out the heiroglyphics from the game (as being the same ones from the show, at the end of the countdown sequence):

YouTube video uploaded courtesy of mattthepale of The Lost Experience Clues Blog; Heiroglyphics translation courtesy of a Middle Egyptian Dictionary (Faulkner) found by spreadtheword of SWLS
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
« Reply #40 on: June 29, 2006, 03:38:02 PM »
June 28

Mandrake Wig's MySpace Blog

It appears that is in-game as well--first introduced over AIM by DSLerator, and then Speaker said "Keep an eye on this site."

If you recall, Mandrake Wig was first introduced in the email that you got when you signed up for the ROT newsletter as "Just call me Manny." 

He's certainly a strange looking guy, and you'll notice that in his photos, there's a picture also of Dr. "Wally" in a Verizon store:

He has a strange About Me intro, much like "Wally"'s:

Call me Manny. My mother was a botonist and quite fond of narcotic/poisonous plants, roots, and herbs - her favorite being Mandrake. My father was a airline pilot of German decent who loved the Sunday comics. His favorite comic character, no surprise, was Mandrake The Magician. My parents were a match made in heaven. I was raised all over the world but the family finally settled in the Lost Angeles area. I am a friendly and outgoing person who loves people.

In his June 21 post "Responsibility taken," he mentions a strange story about him missing a plane flight.  He got drunk the night before, and ended up missing a flight from "Down under" (Australia) to "Angel city" (Los Angeles).  He woke up feeling like he was "dead or presumed dead," turned on the news, and found that the flight "didn't make it, didn't get there, never got there."  Friends and family were relieved and ecstatic, but he had mixed feelings, saying "Did I escape death or miss out on the adventure of a lifetime? Or both?"  Was the plane that he missed Oceanic Flight 815??  He goes on to talk about getting in a car accident and needing facial reconstructive surgery.

In his June 28 post, he asks 5 questions:

When life hits a rot note... find some answers

Question #1

It was the first R-rated motion picture.

Question #2

Classic Sci-Fi movie E.T. the Extraterrestrial is watching in the film.

Question #3

To which Ralph replied, chicken necks.

Question #4

Not a friend to the radio star.

Question #5

Kitty Carlisle starred on this game show.

The answers to these five questions are as follows (most sources cited are from The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)):

1.The Split
2.This Island Earth
5.To Tell The Truth

Answers #3 & 4 are in particular "called out" in the blog:

But I will tell you this, questions 3 and 4 really stumped me

It is believed that these are special "word clues" along with Welcome Your from previous.

Answers compiled by jlmlostarg
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 29

Rachel Blake Iceland Post 02

Rachel says that the creep she knocked out with the iron is still alive (she assumes, since she checks the newspapers), and speculates on Gary Troup's book The Valenzetti Equation as possibly being the one Mittelwerk is forcing the mathematicians at the Vik Institute to work on.  She says that Dr. Zander was able to send her an image of the heiroglyphics, below:

...shortly before she was unable to contact him, and says that they might have gotten to him.  She mentions the "death" meaning, but also speculates on whether or not they could be representatitve symbols if rearranged.

At the bottom she writes "01.53 P.S. ROT", which appears to direct us to a post script in an ROT message...
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 29

Retrievers of Truth Update

A new post is up:

Spy me to the moon. - 06/29/06
Fiberoptician -8:12am
I'm reaching out but I wanna make sure we're all on the same page. Here's where you all should be right now. You have four words. Today you can pick up two more hints for the hint hunt (I love saying that it sounds funny and dirty) for a total of... say it with me children, "six!" Wait, I gotta message... I'll be right back.
Fiberoptician - 8:27pm
And we're back! You know what? Espionagin' ain't easy. Ok so today some things will happen. I can't tell you what right now but you'll know when they do because you'll be stuck. What do you do when you're stuck? Go back to the beginning and start the process again. I spoke to this doctor friend of mine and he's agreed to help me the only way he can. A short PS with a WORD that will lead you to the first part of my special super secret thing-ama-whatsit. Parts two and three... humm.. I'll be back.
Fiberoptician - 9:40pm
Ok here you go. Tomorrow aka Friday, The Drake... everybody loves The Drake, will clue you into something he's been working on. There will be something in there for the hint hunt...hehehehe... sorry, and there will be a WORD in there somewhere for part two of my sweetness. Then... oh wait....
Fiberoptician - 9:50am
Then... sorry... on Saturday I will personally... not in person... give you the final WORD that will give you the final piece of my super excellent secret spy stuff goodness. Oh but I gotta tell you how to use these WORDS... yeah right... so I'm setting this up now. One sec...
Fiberoptician - 11:05pm
This is how it's gonna work. When you get a WORD, like the one today, Go immediately to, and in the address field type in the WORD right after the / and quicker than Vader can choke a flunky you gets the goodies.

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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 29

Mandrake Wig Blog Update

Manny has confirmed the four clue words found previously, by bolding the words WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO in his newest entry, "Thank you all."  He thanks a lady named Lena, who appears to be a real MySpace person, who introduced him to Flickr image galleries, where he can display his photography.  He links his photo album below:

...were both taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina (L is an image of the ship, Vapor de la Carrera; R is an image of the statue bust of Gabino Coria Peñaloza, who wrote the lyrics to Caminita)

Note that there are also images from Australia (sea turtles, Qantas Australian Airlines), Korea (Korean BBQ is his favorite food), a picture of Wally again (who he says is a "friend from another life"), golden retriever dogs, and a "half moon" ("Spy me to the moon" was the name of the last ROT post).

Info and correction on Gabino Coria Peñaloza provided by Winston
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Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 29

Retrievers of Truth Update / SPIDER PROTOCOL Letter

A new newsletter was released from the ROT site today.  The email said:

Dear friends,

I want to thank you all for registering for my newsletter. Things in the world
of Bole and the Retrievers of Truth are very exciting as of late. The RoT is
getting worldwide recognition and I will be appearing on several television
shows in Korea and Australia in the very near future.

The other day I was walking along the river, Bien Ecouter, near a friend’s home
in Switzerland. I was contemplating the nature of things and eating a
buttercream torte when a yellow lab came out of nowhere and blocked my path. I
stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity stunned by this intrusion all
the while wondering what the creature’s intentions were.

The yellow lab is a highly evolved creature, as I have stated on my website and
in my many books. When they venture into our personal space it is usually for a
reason and at this moment I could not fathom what this particular stranger
wanted of me? Had he heard of me from other retrievers? Did he sense my
willingness to communicate? Was this all just a coincidence?

After a few seconds our eyes locked and we communicated. He stated his name was
“Wand Prowess.” He then stated that I should remember his name, “not as it is
but as it can be.” Then he began what seemed like a poem, “In the Pacific I’m in
the ocean bare, when I’m up north I’m the sea bear.” I tried to question both
statements but he just looked at me, turned and as he was about to walk away he
said, “I’ll leave you with two things to ponder” and he then turned and ran off.
These are they:

Maslow’s hierarchy

Keep who’s eye on the prize?

I only tell you these tales of my journeys to entertain. But I do hope these
incidents in my life will inspire you to look more deeply into your own.

Yours truly, Dr. Vincent “Wally” Bole

PS: Consuming a diet high in fiber can be beneficial to the BLOOD.

A few interesting things about this letter:

1) There is a poem about a golden retriever. There is mention of “wand prowess”, which anagrams to “new password”. I has been hinted on the ROT backsite that the password would be changed, so this was no surprise. In the poem, there is mention that “up North, I’m a sea bear”. This should come to no surprise to anyone that this is the “polar bear” (Ursus maritimus = Latin name of the polar bear = sea bear), also the new password for the ROT backsite, replacing “porter”.

2) Two of the lines: Maslow’s Hierarchy (a psychology theory about human NEEDS) and Keep who’s eye on the prize (YOUR) may be the last two words in the secret word series: WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR

3) If you use the capitalized word in the PS (BLOOD) and put at the end of, you will get a PSD document linked from “part 1″. If you use Photoshop or a picture editor, you can see that it is actually 2 layers. Make the top layer 100% translucent (0% opaque, or invisible), and the bottom layer 100% opaque. Someone figured out that if BLOOD = red (color of letters from the letter) that MONEY = green, and SORROW = blue. Using these three words and following the same process of transparency and layering of all three produced this letter:

Spider Protocol?  An Island with unique properties?  It does appear that we know what CCS is--mentioned previously, the Copenhagen Cartographical Society.

Image courtesy of (and manipulated on Photoshop by) duality

Clue "MONEY" found by Dennis and "SORROW" by Belly0fdesire at The Lost Experience Clues Blog

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