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This is a thread that will guide players just joining The Lost Experience (online webmaze game sponsored by LOST creators, and tied into the show).  It is created to help users navigate through the website(s) included in the game.  It will be locked to prevent clutter of tangential comments and speculation, and mods will add only integral clues as they come up. 

EDIT:  This is now a time capsule for the events of The Lost Experience.

Troubleshooting Problems with Password Acceptance

A few possiblities to consider:

1)  The update might not be working for you because you have missed a step along the way (they should be done in order; the site logs cookies).  Try loading http://anywordheremakeoneup.thehansofoundation.org (literally, you can replace that with any word except "persephone" or "hole#" and it should load a clean page).  Then start over again from the first clue, see below.

2)  If you are having problems where flash is freezing up, try reinstalling Macromedia Flash.

3)  A newer update to the site may have made this clue obsolete, and it can no longer be entered because it is outdated.  Sorry, probably not something that can be solved in this case.

In-Game, Out-of-Game

There are a number of fraud or hoax sites made by people who have nothing to do with the official writing of the ARG (alternate reality game).  Here is an Official vs. Fraud or Fan Sites Primer which lists various websites, and how to tell the difference.

It is discussed in the primer briefly, but I am making special note here that there are 3 "puppet blogs" set up and sponsored by ABC.  They are run by Speaker (USA), The Lost Ninja (Australia) and The Other Girl (UK), and are "anonymous" personalities who live in "our world" (are playing regular fans like you or me), but who actually have some insider info.  They will not be giving very obvious cheater hints on solving the game, but can lead people in the right direction to avoid confusion (such as confirming in-game or out-of-game sites).

Up-to-Date Summary Without the Details

EDIT by PandoraX:  I got a request for the super-duper slimmed down summary of the walkthrough, for those who don't want to read all the details, but just want the meat of the passwords and clues (for a fuller summary of details, read through the posts that follow).  This may be better for those who don't want to be spoon fed and just want an occasional reminder of passwords (which are in red) and which clues they missed.  It will be updated on Friday of each week.  Here it is, click on spoiler buttons to read:

Week 1
* Go to http://www.thehansofoundation.org, and Sign Up for Newsletter.  Where it says password, use breaking strain (from the 877 HANSORG number).
* Click on Active Projects, and in the WWP DP map, there's a hidden clickable in the Bermuda Triangle area.  This translates to MISSING ORGANS in ASCII. 
* http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org was also found to give out clues about site updates from the hacker persona, Persephone.
* Next, click on Executive Bios, and Hanso's bio will have changed, so that the date is clickable.  At the end, there is Morse code, which may translate to either SAFE G or SAVE ME.
* Last update is that the clock on the THF site changes, so that at 15 and 16 minutes after the hour, it changes to OB:EY.  When you clicked on this before, it would take you to http://www.sublymonal.com, where if you clicked on the screens 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 times, it gave the password heir apparent.  This is the password used on Mittelwerk's bio page, to unlock his secrets. 
* During this first week, there's also been a lot of "attack ads" run by THF against the book Bad Twin (spin-off mystery novel from LOST producers, which appears part of this Lost Experience).  Random clips of fictitious author Gary Troup (in an "interview") appear in random places on the internet, see detailed walkthrough for links.

Week 2
* In the source code of the main THF site, a second site was discovered: http://www.djdan.am.  He is a conspiracy theorist who puts out weekly podcasts, many of which are against THF (podcasts are linked from the archive; first one on 5/16 is direct, but others require extra steps).
* There was also an update to the main THF section, where you can click on the ERI page, and it changed into a clickable image map.  At coordinates 629,291, click, and it takes you to http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com.  If you align the compass dial with 108 degrees, you will be taken to a backsite with mailboxes of THF employees.  Clues are found in Thompson's and McIntyre's mailboxes; in particular, one points to the mouth piece as being the password to unlock McIntyre's secrets (click on his bio, and the yellow highlighted portion that says "family man").
Week 3
* Peter Thompson's bio was now updated, with flashing letters across his pictures.  Together, this anagramed out to survivor guilt, which ended up being the password that unlocks his clues.  His login is a little bit more difficult to find, it is in a hidden textbox beneath his photo.
* Persephone also continued to put out hints through http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org, including "A mouse does not rely on just one hole".  This led to the finding of a photo of a man with no face, at http://hole2.thehansofoundation.org.
* Also, from a TV commercial and a new link that appeared at the bottom of THF, a new site was found at http://www.hansocareers.com.  In each of the job listings, there are some grayed out letters; taking these out and anagramming them spelt out inmate asylum.  This password is used in the Board of Directors (leave name blank) at THF to unlock their dirty secrets.
Week 4
* Sublymonal was updated, so that various words could be entered to draw either Sprite ads (or later, wikipedia definitions).  Only one so far that led to a concrete clue was 108, which unlocked DJ Dan's 5/26 podcast.
* Next, if you go to THF and click Active Projects > MFI, the MFI logo/symbol became clickable.  On the map, there are areas of interest that are marked, and one that isn't, in the area of Asia; it has a backwards message about someone who once worked for THF.  In 3 of the marked clickables, there are blanks to be filled.  The answers are: US GDP 2005 est = 42000, Sudan Population Growth Rate = 2.55, Italy HIV/AIDS Death Rate 2006 = 10.4/1000, respectively, before clicking on the symbol in the Indian Ocean to move on to more clues.
* Next, DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/01, but it is indirect, and leads back to http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com again.  The task with lining up to 108 is unchanged, and the backsite mailbox now revealed that owelles folder had been updated.  One of these is a link to a YouTube video, that is Dan's newest podcast (with images). 
* Lastly, Persephone, through http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org once again revealed her hand, and led to the finding of a second image at http://hole3.thehansofoundation.org.  This was another faceless face, only this time the clue was solved by deciphering the word "D2O" under one eye; which led to the password, heavy water.  In THF in the WWP DP section again, there was another update; this time, in the press release.  The word "miracle" became clickable, and that password is used there.  Scroll around a while to make sure you don't miss clues on the Cape Town Inquisitor microfiche machine, including a ringing phone, and a 'blank' page that starts to drip with goo, with a secret message to Persephone hidden behind it.
Week 5
* Another TV commercial (and a clue at the main THF site, Genomic Advancement page) linked to a new site, http://www.retrieversoftruth.com (ROT).  It is chock full of weird connections to our own dog Vincent, including implications on the psychic abilities of dogs, and hints that the main ROT site is in fact a fake front.  Enter your real email, and you'll get a strange email form letter in your mailbox.
* Stranger yet, enter the word porter, and you will be led to a backsite which is set up like a message board between supposed technicians who are contracted to work for THF, but who secretly plot against him, think he's evil, and support subversive hacking and theories about Hanso.  One link goes to the Verizon site, http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com, the next password was found: parthenogenesis.  This is used on the Active Projects > Genomic Advancements page of THF again, in a hidden textbox below the image of the teacher.
* Lastly for this week, DJ Dan had a link to his 6/8 podcast, found at http://podcast.monster.com/articles/conspiraspy, where he gets a threatening caller.
Week 6
* A new clue appeared on http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org, translating to "Timeless Together" and a number that revealed a new faceless image at http://hole4.thehansofoundation.org.  By taking the names of all the hole pictures and translating to ASCII, the anagram light sequence again was found.  This could be entered into the Mental Health page of THF under Inquire Today.  It makes you play a diabolical game of Simon, revealing a clue after sequences 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 are repeated, which gives the DHARMA acronym.
* DJ Dan gave away a clue on his site; clicking on the radio tower icon in his page went to a secret directory, which was decoded to the password conspiraspies.  This was used in the Active Projects > ERI page of THF, where now if you clicked on the image of the ionosphere, Persephone would ask for this 'magic word'.
* The next day, he finally put out his podcast for 6/13, through http://www.theretrieversoftruth.com (through the backsite message board, where a new link was posted in the "Too legit to quit" thread; it went to http://www.retrieversoftruth.com/users/DSLerator/htdocs/audio/DJD061406.mp3); a little bit later, there was another new thread that led to a real Verizon site, http://www.broadbandstories.com, which featured, among real people, DJ Dan.
* At the end of the week, we got a second podcast from DJ Dan, this time through http://www.subLYMONal.com; the password is BigD (found on the same page, in the icon image "fallout1" on the bottom right).
* Also towards the week's end, the biggest update posted: http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org was updated with an image this time, which led to the finding of a new password recluse. From THF > Active Projects > Life Extension Project, click on "mortality" and enter this password there.  Just don't blink!  Because after this very big update that is chock full of info, you will be SHUT OUT of THF's site, and it won't allow you back in.

[Cont. from above]

Week 7
* If you let the warning message on the now "down" site run for a while without moving the mouse, the sound crescendos louder, with the secret message orientation_testing_issue_1980 in red font in between the other words.  Go to http://www.thehansofoundation.org/orientation_testing_issue_1980/ and view this video there; new logo & screencaptures of all 114 images found in video located within the main thread.
* A name appeared in the source code of the old THF site: Rachel Blake.  http://www.rachelblake.com became active, and appears to be Rachel's blog, of her travels in Coppenhagen.  The password to the backsite (entered in "Extra Info" field) was obtained through the new http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org clue (a lady speaking numbers backwards, which are translated to): evident agenda.  Logging in, we can see a video she has made of herself, where she reveals her true identity--Persephone the hacker.
* A new video appeared on YouTube by "jeepchannel" (the account that posted previous clues), an apology to DJ Dan:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=nNHUDVTJ1DM.
* She meets online a secret contact called Mel0Drama, who offers to help expose secrets.  One is http://www.broadbandstories.com, where she has a video which is in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left.  In her blog, she mentions a new mystery, Allied Coppenhagen Marine Merchants, and a "fan" to her blog (one of the writers planted there) helps shed some light on how ACMM may be tied into The Black Rock and Magnus Hanso.  She is still seeking a password.
* She discovers that Hugh McIntyre is dating a woman from the GWC: exposing more corruption.
* DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/21, back on the compass backsite again (in the owelles folder).
* Go to http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/lost-ninja/, reply to any message, and then click on "objectionable comment," you'll get a login where you enter RBlake and password 105years.  The Korean in the video is translated within the main thread.
* Go to http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com/usr/trash/ for a conversation between wtkFleet35 and OpenersHep (Persephone).
* New video found at http://www.43things.com/person/RBlake.  Enter truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo into http://www.sublymonal.com. At the single entry box, type better tomorrow.  The link goes to a secret directory, http://www.sublymonal.com/_hidden/, where there is video and a letter in box 48.
Week 8
* Rachel continues to put out new posts and videos on her backsite blog; one at this Jeep Compass site, when you click "removeable flashlight" and then view the demo.
* After escaping this brush with the Hanso lackey, she flies to Iceland, on the heels of a story that the Vik Institute burned down, killing a mathematician named Bernoffski.
* Rachel convinces Dr. Zander to meet with her, and secretly videotapes him; the same hieroglyphics are brought up in relation to the equation.
* DSLerator and some of the other ROT technicians have made it clear that they may give clues out by AIM.
* They direct to the MySpace blog of Mandrake Wig, who also has a mysterious Flickr photo album with cryptic hints.
* There is a new ROT newsletter, and through it, Mandrake's blog, and AIM, a string of clues reveals the unfinished sentence: WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR...
* The newsletter also reveals that the new password for the ROT backsite has been changed to polar bear.
* The newsletter also reveals a new special word, BLOOD, which eventually led to clues MONEY and SORROW; each is added to the end of the http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com site to lead to hidden images, which layered and combined produce a letter about the Spider Protocol project.
* DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/30 at the ROT site; more is revealed about Valenzetti.
* Rachel confirms she is Persephone; GidgetGirl tells her that Mittelwerk may have flown to San Remo, Italy, where Valenzetti is from.
* Manny's Flickr photo album adds two more photos ("grass" and "Bole with pie").
Week 9
* The clue word string is completed, as WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR EXPERIENCES CHECK TOMORROW, with the clue directing us to the site: http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com/welcome/your/next/video/needs/your/experiences/check/tomorrow.  The username and password required at the end of this were revealed to be rblake and allveggie, respectively, and led to a video in Italy, where she continues to seek Valenzetti.
* http://www.valenzettiequation.com was revealed by Speaker to be in-game.
* Rachel makes a secret recording of Mittelwerk and some Hanso execs talking, which can be heard here with username rblake and password organharvest.
* Rachel has a secret meeting with an anonymous nurse who talks about Mittelwerk getting bizarre treatments; recording can be heard here.
* DJ Dan has a new podcast for 7/5.
* Rachel stumbles upon a Hanso Foundation boat called the Helgus Antonius at the wharf.
Week 10
* DJ Dan has a new podcast for July 10
* Gidgetgirl reveals to Rachel that she is personally involved in this drama, as Hugh's mistress, in a recording that can be found HERE, with username RBlake, and password FalseDegree.
* A new THF commercial, starring Mittelwerk, was shown during a LOST rerun.
* Rachel is convinced to meet someone claiming to be GidgetGirl while in France; however, she was enticed there, and then stood up.  It turns out that GidgetGirl is really Darla Taft, Hugh McIntyre's mistress from the GWC (who left him a message in the original 877 HANSORG number), and that both were killed in a car accident that they were probably set up for.  Rachel posts a video at http://www.sublymonal.com, which can be viewed when you enter listen, click on the artist's right eye, and then enter username rblake and password milkcartonman.  The video gets cut off as someone starts shooting through Rachel's video, and she is seen panicking.
* The ROT technicians believe one of their own (BroadBandBeatnik) has been 'compromised' and is now working for THF, because he allowed Mittelwerk to post a THF commercial on http://www.broadbandstories.com.
Week 11
* Mandrake Wig sent out a new cryptic newsletter, all about 'change' in life; he later in the week has another cryptic blog entry about asserting independance in life.
* New Rachel Blake video found at Jeep Compass site, when "crush zone" video is viewed (the way this was discovered was going through the admin site of LetYourCompassGuideYou by clicking in the 8 o'clock area, for which the username rblake and password honourbar were used).
* Two new THF video ads appeared on DJ Dan's Eyes on the Man page, by clicking on the 2nd & 3rd images of Mittelwerk (links to LEP & MFi commercials).
* Continuation of the previous Rachel Blake video is found at a Monster.com location, in which the "fixer" claims he is trying to help, not hurt, Rachel.
* The ROT password changes to Steinbeck (clue given by AIM).
* There is a new video hidden at RicherDeeperBroader.com by clicking "Fuel Passions", then clicking on a small light in a small building underneath the "broadbandstories.com" text, and entering username rblake and password hoo-gonchoi; the video is of Darla's last words, where Rachel is led to Sri Lanka in pursuit of questions about the Spider Protocol and Helgus Antonius, which turns out to be a hospital ship.
Week 12
* Rachel Blake made a live appearance at Comic Con '06 in San Diego, and interrupted the LOST panel Q&A with an outburst that included the introduction of http://www.hansoexposed.com.  See HERE for video from Comic Con.
* The rest of the week has been devoted to finding glyphs with fragment codes for video clips for said site; 70 in all, which will be pieced together for an important video from Sri Lanka.  Clips found by 7/29 include (in alphanumeric order): 
* Mandrake Wig added 3 new photos to his Flickr photo album, pictures of statues located in the US, UK and AUS.
* New ROT thread, where BroadBandBeatnik tries to prove he is not a traitor by posting a picture of the back of his head at a Comic Con panel discussion
Week 13
* Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 7/29 include (in alphanumeric order):

Week 14
* Fragment codes found by 8/12 include (in alphanumeric order):
* ApolloCandy.com went online.  Later in the week, free chocolate bar giveaway dates and locations across major US cities were announced.
* The discovery of Rachel Blake's Flickr album led to a letter to Dr. Hackett, discussing how a beverage made by Apollo was being used to disguise viral spread and inclusion of psychotropic compounds
* DJ Dan had his first live podcast on Aug 11 at 11PM PST at RadioHarvest.com.  Real life fans, Speaker and Lost Ninja were among the callers.  Also, Malek ("fixer") from Rachel's videos called in a message to Rachel, which was disguised as numbers that used pages from Bad Twin as a cipher; this was decoded to the message I know where he is. I can set it up.
Week 15
* Fragment codes found by 8/19 include (in alphanumeric order):
* SubLYMONal MySpace page found.
* A video, "The Chocolate Factory" is found online, which has a secret message in sign language from Mel, that talks about Apollo's background, and how production may have been sabotaged..
Week 16
* Fragment codes found by 8/26 include (in alphanumeric order):

* Apollo Candy giveaways also offered to U.K. fans, through Forbidden Planet comic book stores.
* Apollo Candy giveaways begin, and it is found that the URL printed on the candy bars is WhereIsAlvar.com.  This time corresponds when that website opens up, and allows people who find the bars to post their photos with them.  A few rare bars have "Golden Oracle" codes on the back, which are entered into the site, which logs the percentage found.
Week 17
* Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 9/1 include (in alphanumeric order):

Week 18
* Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 9/8 include (in alphanumeric order):

* The Sri Lanka Video is now complete, and viewable on YouTube, placed in order by thousands of devout fans; view a completed 70/70 & ordered version HERE, or view the complete transcript on HERE.
Week 19
* This week was all back-and-forth communications in coded messages between Rachel Blake ("R") and Malek ("M").  The basic story between them in that Rachel, after near-capture by DHARMA scientists while filming the Sri Lanka video, managed to escape from Colombo with the help of de Zylva, Malek's friend, who is now missing and presumed dead.  After some caution about whether or not Rachel could trust the man claiming to be Malek in the communications, he proved his identity by quoting what she said in Paris (that the Mental Health Appeal was started to save a loved one).  Rachel then agreed to meet Malek in NYC at one of her old apartments, with the iron brand name that she hit him over the head with as the password.
* DJ Dan announced he will have a second live podcast Sep 24, 8PM.
Week 20
* WhereIsAlvar.com updated with a graphic collage that said "UNITE" (formed by pictures of those who got Apollo bars), and Rachel reminded us of DJ Dan's live podcast on Sunday.
* LetYourCompassGuideYou.com closed down today, with a secret link to a YouTube video showing William T Kilpatrick getting kidnapped by Hanso goons (as he is trying to reveal the truth about the organ harvesting scandal and the association with Jeep) and a link to the missing_organs.zip file in the Trash folder that proves these allegations.  From a chat log in the same folder, it appears that the Hanso people have something evil planned for Kilpatrick and know where Rachel lives.
Week 21
* DJ Dan's 2nd live podcast aired at the very beginning of this week.  It ended with a recording of The Hanso Foundation getting raided by law enforcement (but Mittelwerk blowing up the building and getting away, and Rachel calling in to link her video from Norway.  On this video, we see her finding Alvar Hanso at last, who realizes he has let Mittelwerk go too far; and then reveals the secret that he is her real father.
* Hanso posts an epilogue "regret letter" to wrap up the story to http://www.thehansofoundation.org.


...In the beginning, the phone numbers were released...

May 2nd - UK
A press release from The Hanso Foundation (from here on abbreviated as THF) was revealed May 2nd. A phone number can be seen at the bottom of the page, but it only goes to the voice mail of Hugh McIntyre of the Hanso Foundation.

A UK phone number was shown on a Hanso Foundation commercial in the UK, which aired during the premier of S2E01 ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") on British TV. Calling it revealed some interesting information from the Hanso Foundation.

A password was revealed to be breaking strain, used later on the website advertised (see below).

To hear the audio files for the phone call and view the pdf file of the Hanso Foundation press release, visit this thread: Audio File Thread (or to hear all of the phone options pressed together, CLICK HERE).

On May 2nd, at approx. 4:30pm EST, The Hanso Foundation website went back online at www.thehansofoundation.org, after having been down for months.  There had been an old ABC sponsored LOST webmaze at the same URL which was similar and simpler.  This new one is based in Flash, so make sure you have the latest update from Macromedia and that you have the minimum requirements to play. 

After a short introduction by an Asian female, the main structure of THF.org site is as follows:


* Video Ad
* NewsMission Statement

* The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race.
* For forty years, The Foundation has offered grants to worthy experiments seeking to promote world peace through improved health, prevention, vitality and longevity.
* The Hanso Foundation.  Reaching out to a better tomorrow.Executive Bios

* Alvar Hanso (CEO & Founder)
* Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk (President & Chief Technologist)
* Hugh McIntyre (Communication Director)
* Peter Thompson (Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary)
* Board of Directors (pw-locked):  Jacob Vanderfield, Liddy Wales (no pic), Lawrence Peck, Dick CheeverActive Projects

* Mathematical Forecasting Initiative (MFI)
* Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program (WWP DP)
* Mental Health Appeal (MHA)
* Electromagnetic Reseach Initiative (ERI)
* Institute for Genomic Advancement (IGA)
* Life Extention Project (LEP - see also Joop, below)Joop's Corner
Newsletter (Sign up)
Television Ad

May 2

WWP DP Map & Joop's Corner/GWC Letters

Two sections yielded clues, after entering breaking strain in the newsletter section (does not matter what login name you choose, only the password makes a difference).

In the WWP map, links to Somalia, Ethiopia, and Guinea are readily available. But there is a hidden one in the Bermuda Triangle Region (shown below), and there is code also hidden here that, after doing a letter-number switch, reveals the words M/I/S/S/I/N/G O/R/G/A/N/S.

In Joop's Corner (the 105 year old orangutang involved in the LEP), no matter what you type to Joop, you will be led first to typing from a mysterious character named Persephone, who is never seen.  Persephone on the site appears to take the persona of a "hacker" who is trying to reveal secrets to us, and guides us along in several sections.   Background info (not from webmaze): Persephone is a Greek goddess (daughter of the goddess of Spring, Demeter) who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the Underworld to be the queen of the dead.

Persephone's typing leads up to the next graphic, which is similar to a Petri dish with circled, dividing colonies (see above). Click on the circles, and they lead to the letters shown below.  These are addressed to THF, from an organization called the Global Welfare Consortium (GWC).  The letters appear concerned about the spread of a strain of meningococcal disease (an infection of brain membranes) in Africa.  It appears from the first that the GWC originally suspected primate research THF had been doing within their Zanzibar facility was responsible for the spread of this disease, and had compromised public health safety in that area.  Click here for more real life background info on meningococcal disease in Africa by PandoraX.

The first letter is accusatory and urgent in tone.  It is from a man named Jacques Maillot (then Director General of the GWC) and addressed to Dr. Roderick Johnson (Clinical Director for the CDC) / CC'd to THF execs & board members.  The second changes tone significantly and is apologetic, saying that THF could not be linked to the epidemic, and thanking them for their cooperation.  This letter is from Peter Thompson, who uses the GWC letterhead and appears to have taken over Maillot's role as acting Director General of GWC (but can now also be seen as Vice President and Secretary of THF on the website, an obvious conflict of interests--hinting at deep-set corruption within the organization). 

Also, on the letter from Peter Thompson, if you click his name (below his signature), an audio message plays a womans voice saying "The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority".

The next time you attempt to log into this section, Persephone will tell you that you have no new messages, until there is an update to the page.

May 3rd - US
The US phone number, released during a Hanso Foundation commercial, is 1-877-HANSORG (1-877-426-7674). It appears to me that the message you get when calling is exactly the same as the message for the UK. Use the link above for the audio files.

Images courtesy of truffula and sledgeweb

It appears that many of the images from THF site are from Getty Images (a real-life company that leases stock photography), including Joop, Peter Thompson, the mental health doc, etc.  This is not considered in-game.

May 6

Persephone Clue #1

If you visited http://thehansofoundation.org on this date, you saw a link to recent news. This took you to a pdf file that made mention of a hack into their system.  By highlighting all of the text, near the bottom is the hidden text http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org.  This is a hidden subsite within the main THF site, which will reveal clues directly from our "hacker" Persephone.

Going to this site revealed the following code:

106 98 111 32 117 98 115 32 114 115 110 102 32 102 118 32 102 118 101 71 32 49 32 108 110 90 32 116 117 98 46 83 69 71 32 103 110 32 111 118 32 116 98 73

The final message was translated in ASCII to:

Log in at THF.org May 8. This safe for now. 

It should be noted that the actual site, http://www.thf.org IS NOT part of the Lost Experience.  Please avoid the site.  When saying THF.org, it was apparantly referring to http://www.thehansofoundation.org.

May 7

Persephone Clue #2

If you revisited the secret http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org page on this date, there was a new coded message there. It read:

72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46

This message was translated using ASCII into:

Has win host pc in nil urge. 8, not 1 and 6.

This anagrammed to:

Sign in with Hanso PR clue 8, not 1 and 6.

May 8

Hanso Update (Where in the World is Alvar?)

On the Hanso website, on the Executive Bios page, under the image of Alvar Hanso there was a date listed (October 23, 2003). Clicking on this date brought up the following image, and the message:

""Notice the grainy far away picture?... It doesn't match anyone else?" and circles the date several times.

Next, what comes up is a world map that showed locations and dates when Alvar Hanso was last seen. Those dates and places are:

London June 14, 2000
Copenhagen, September 11, 2000
Copenhagen Jan 1, 2001
Paris Feb 23, 2001
Geneva July 7, 2001
Rome Sept 18, 2001
Madrid, Dec 31, 2002

After the dates were shown, there was a short segment of morse code. The best I can tell from evidence on the web, is that the morse code spells out: SAFE G, though there is debate over whether or not this actually spells SAVE ME.

Googling October 23, 2003 revealed that it was the date that one of the largest recorded Solar Flare's occured, shooting electrically charged gas directly at Earth.  Other events did occur on the same date, however, this one could be related somehow.

Images courtesy of truffula


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