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Re: MIB's Mommy
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In the "Cave of Names", we see the scales and Flocke throws the white stone into the water, and Sawyer asks what that was all about.  Flocke says , "Inside joke.". Yeah, really inside!  Like he was saying that he won out over the "good guy", Jacob.  Then when Dogan is talking to Sayid in a subsequent episode, he says that every man IS a scale, and they can tip either way, toward evil, or toward good.  This analogy flashed me back to the scenario in the cave with a little "insider's view" at that point.

MangoBingo has a thread in the theories section that explains it quite nicely.  Each subsequent epi gives me more and more reason to believe this is true.  I know I'm not the only one, as there's at least one other poster who has been postulating this theory for some time.  I was unaware of it until one of Mango's posts hit me in the head early this season, and it's been progressing along quite nicely so far. I have no idea how they are going to make it work...but it really looks possible!
Gotta say, the first time I read this, I wasn't sold, but each episode has me thinking back to it and saying, hmmmm

Thanks, mushermellon.  That's really how it started for me as well.  At first, I actually bought into it pretty hard, but I also had to go back to find reasons.  I found enough of them, so I kind of decided that it could be possible.  Each epi, since then has given more proof to this theory being possible.  Then again, it IS Lost, and we all know that TPTB like to mess with us!