How did Jin get out of Customs so quickly?

He bribed his way out with all the money in his suitcase.
Sun slept with all the guards.
Mr. Paik used his considerable influence to get him out.
Keamy got him out through local connections.
He didn't.  Last week's episode showed an alternate universe to the Sideways world we had previously seen.

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Poll: Jin and Customs
« on: March 09, 2010, 07:46:03 PM »
If you have ever spent time at LAX (or LA X), you probably know that it is about the most inefficient airport in the world.  I'm thinking Jin would still be in Customs (after being detained by Customs Officials) for the better part of this season unless something miraculous happened.  Since we say him at Keamy's restaurant last week (want some eggs?), we know that miracles must happen.  What miracle do you think occurred?

PS  Yes... this is completely tongue-in-cheek... and about 5 days too late.