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Re: Two sides
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I just mean that, right now she's clueless. She's being all heroic by coming back to the island to rescue Claire and reunite her with her son, but she has NO IDEA that Claire has been "infected" or "claimed" and is otherwise a complete lunatic who's been lied to and manipulated by "her friends" for the past three years. Now she's, unknowingly, ended up on Locke's side, which I highly doubt is where she would have chosen to be.

Plus, this is her first time even seeing MIB as UnLocke, right?  Sawyer just saw him for the first time in the house.  Sayid just saw him for the first time just now.  Jack, Hurley haven't seen him yet.  I don't think Jin is with Kate -- he's with Ilana, Lapidus and Miles.

Right, Kate has just survived the smoke monster (again) and seen Locke alive again for the first time and is a little freaked out.  She's probably thinking, "I'll just walk along with these other folks who aren't being slaughtered until I can figure out what the Flocke is going on!"
Last we saw Jin, he was recovering in Claire's camp.  I think he will eventually catch up with Ilana's group and be reunited with Sun.