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« on: May 11, 2006, 12:13:17 PM »
This area of the forum is for discussing and sharing your theories and speculation about LOST which are based on spoilers.  We also have a non-spoiler THEORIES & SPECULATION forum.  Added clarification:

Think of GENERAL SPOILER TALK as announcements.  You hear an interview or podcast with potentially new info about next season, for instance.  The thread itself may get into a little speculating, but the primary post is a new "newsy" item that hasn't been discussed yet, that may give somethign away about the future of LOST.

SPOILER THEORIES AND SPECULATION are thoughts on possibilities *based* on those announcements.  They can go off on tangents and speculate about what they mean in their often cryptic hints about future episodes.  Sometimes it is difficult to draw the line.

It is our understanding that you have read and understand our forum Rules & Regulations and will apply them on this forum.  Please see the Usage Agreement also, for more details.
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