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Not sure if anyone else has heard this but on a local radio station in the u.k they have information that in the next few episodes, the adam & eve skeletons will have a big impact on the whole series??????

I haven't heard it, but that is a good thing.  I really want stuff like that to start being tied together.  My one complaint about this season so far is that they aren't tying up enough open story lines from the previous 5 seasons.  The Adam & Eve mystery is a big one, especially considering the producers have been saying from the beginning that this will prove to us that they knew what they were doing all along.

Yeah, TPTB said that a while ago. Now, the question is, who are they?

I wonder if they were the last two viable candidates for Jacob and Smokey's replacements?
After they died, both had to start over.

could be jacob and smokey


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