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What happened
« on: February 05, 2010, 01:36:17 PM »
I said this someweher else, but will repeat what I think.

Daniel said that the incident in the Swan would be catastrophic and cause the island to disappear. His plan was to use Jughead for a contra-explosion to save the island. He first said that time is like a street, you can go forth and back on it, but never create a new street. Than he changed his mind.

I think that when Juliet hit the bomb, a new street was created, a parallel street.
The street where the plane lands is the "normal" street, where the island stops existing in 1977, because the Dharma Initiative hit the pocket. Not the losties made the island sink, they never were there, Dharma did.
Nobody remembers the island, because they have never been there. The big lines are the same, Hurley won the lottery, Sayid is looking for Nadia, Sawyer is a conman, Locke is in a wheelchair, Christian died, etc.

The new street they created by blowing Jughead is the one we have been watching the last 5 years. With jughead, they saved the island and created new parallel world, where they all keep yelling that they aren't supposed to be. That, like Eloise said, would stop existing (or would never exist) if Desmond wasn't there to push the button and to make the plane crash, so that they could go back to 1977 to create that universe.
Where every single one of them would die, if they would leave the island instead of staying there and go back to 1977. They created a universe where Locke could walk, Rose was cured, miracles happen and people cannot die if they didn't do what is needed to keep the universe going. Desmond had no other choice than pushing the button. By doing that he was saving the world. Because without him the plane would never crash and that parallel world would not exist.  Eloise had no other choice than killing Dan. If she didn't send him back he would never exist at all.

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Re: What happened
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2010, 02:18:53 PM »
What about the numbers? Why is Hurley on that plane?

Hurley won the lottery by using the numbers that originated on the island - without the numbers, he wouldn't have hit the lottery. Of course, we don't know why those numbers were the winning numbers (though presumably some strange forces were at work), but it would still seem to be a monumental coincidence that it would be Hurley who would win the lottery with those or any other numbers in the new timeline.

And without winning the lottery, Hurley wouldn't have been in Australia and on that flight. Hurley seems to be unique in that the island apparently stepped into his life (through the numbers) and changed it to the point that he found himself on the plane to LAX that would crash on the island. I don’t mean to say that the island intentionally did this – Hurley’s use of the numbers seems more accidental than intentional. However, his fellow mental patient wouldn’t know those numbers if he didn’t hear them in a distress signal in the old timeline – in the new timeline, the island’s underwater and there can be no distress signal. So why is Hurley a lottery winner and why is he on the plane?

I see too, that the last episode of Lost is entitled “Everybody Loves Hurley.” Is Hurley really what it’s all about? I keep going back to the episode of Hurley’s imaginary friend. Is this all going to be some figment of Hurley’s mental disorder – if so, the creators of the show better find an island more well hid than The Island to retreat to. (I know, I’ve read that years ago they swore this was not the case.)

BTW - Rousseau end up on the island in 1988 because of the numbers, so she and her team will, presumably, not shipwreck on the island in the new (to us) timeline.