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Weekly Notations: LA X
« on: February 03, 2010, 08:33:24 PM »
If I had to pick a title for this I would probably go with "Nothing's Irreversible" for the resounding awesome in that line. Alas, I think the episode names will lead to less confusion.
I've always taken notes on my second play through of a LOST episode ever since season 2. I never post them because they're not very detailed, it's just something I like to do to keep things up-to-date when posting on the forums. This batch of notes has a certain epic flair to them and I think I'll make this a weekly occurrence if people find it a valuable asset. I've always gone with the process of tearing apart an episode scene by scene, so that's what I'm going to do here.
Please let me know if this is helpful or just plain annoying. No offense taken, if you guys don't really like it I'm okay with not typing 10 pages worth of notes into a thread  :D


Scene 1 (Plane)

+Jack Shepard, confused. A "where am I?" look on his face. As if he'd awoken from a strangely realistic dream.

+Flight attendant, Cindy Chandler, hands him 1 bottle of vodka.
-This is in stark contrast to the 2 bottles that Jack received during the original 815 flight.

+Turbulence occurs.
-This happens before Jack fixes his drink.
-Jack fastens his belt before the announcement.

+Rose Nadler sits next to Jack (much like the original 815 flight).
-This time, though, it's Rose telling Jack to relax instead of the other way around.

*Side note: Rose is reading a magazine called 'Weekly Woodsman'.

+Serious turbulence occurs
-Jack seems to almost accept it.

+After turbulence subsides:
-Jack to Rose: "Looks like we made it."
-Rose to Jack: "Yeah, you sure did."

*Side note: Back of Rose's magazine reads "The truth is out there."

+Jack gets up, goes to the bathroom, bumps into Kate Austen.
-Unbeknownst to him Kate steals his pen.

+Jack looks into the mirror in the bathroom to find a cut on his neck.
-Clearly this is a new cut, not familiar with it.
[Does this have to do with an injury he may have had if the plane crashed?]

+Goes back to his seat to find Desmond Hume.
-Jack clearly remembers Desmond, but Desmond doesn't remember him.

+Desmond to Jack: "Nice to meet you, or to see you again."

+Camera pans out of the window and plunges into the ocean.
-We see the sonic fence, Dharma-ville, the Dharma shark, and the foot of the statue with what looks to be the handle of the ankh to the left.

2. (Jughead Recap)

+Kate in a tree.
-Can't hear.
-Sounds attempt to let the viewer hear the way she, presumably, is hearing.
[Sounds as if Kate is under water]

+Miles Straume enters.
-Can't hear.

+Kate to Miles: "We're back."

+Swan station built, blown up.

+Kate to Miles: "No, that's the Swan hatch, after Desmond blew it up."
-This puts us in the present time with Richard and Ben.

3. (Plane)

*Side note: The patented "wooshing" sound that is applied with Island to Flashback transitions is distinctly different this time around.
[Certainly to emphasize the fact that this is a completely different setting]

+James "Sawyer" Ford bumps Edward Mars
-Edward to Sawyer: "Hey! Watch it pal!"
-Sawyer to Edward: "Sorry."
[A clear connection to the original timeline when Sawyer shoots Edward, puncturing his lung]
[More info on these links between the two universes,10155.0.html]

+Leslie Arzt informs us that Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is the owner of Mr. Cluck's.
-Sawyer gives Hurley advice on not getting scammed due to his lottery winnings.
[Sawyer is giving advice now?!]

+Hurley informs Sawyer that he finds himself to be very lucky.
[This is a stark change in attitude]

4. (Island)

+Hurley helps Sayid Jarrah.
-Hurley is typically squeamish around blood.

+Jacob appears.

5. (Plane)

+John Locke reads a pamphlet on emergency crash procedure.
-This leads to a conversation with Boone Carlyle.
-Boone informs Locke that his sister, Shannon, stayed in Australia.
-John informs Boone that he went on an Australian walkabout.
-Boone to Locke: "If this [plane] goes down, I'm sticking with you."
[Another connection between characters in this alternate timeline]

6. (Statue)

+Man in Black rips red cloth to clean knife.
[Red, we will see, is a reoccurring motif in this episode]

+MiB to Ben Linus: "You can stop staring at the fire now, he's gone."
-Ben to MiB: "Why didn't he fight back?"
-MiB to Ben: "I guess he knew that he was beaten."

+Ben goes out to talk to Richard.
-Richard drags Ben over to Locke's dead corpse.

7. (Island)

+Jacob looks concerned about Sayid's current situation.
-Jacob tells Hurley that he died.

*Side note: Why does Jacob have this one bruise above his left eye brow?

8. (Plane)

+Jack and Sayid attempt to save Charlie Pace.
-Jack pulls a bag of heroin from Charlie's throat.
-Charlie seems less than pleased to be alive.

9. (Island)

+Sawyer is attempting to rescue Juliette Burke.
-In his haste to get to here he throws debris out of his way, one of the pieces of debris is the stationary bike that Desmond was fond of.
[This solidifies our timeline belief]

+Juliet, after mumbling about coffee and going dutch dies.
-Just before dying she tells Sawyer that she has something important to tell him.

10. (Statue)

+Bram takes Ben into to see MiB
-Ilana stays outside.

+MiB to Bram and company: "I'm assuming that you are, what, Jacob's bodyguards?"
-MiB to Bram and company: "Now you're free."
[Perhaps MiB was truly trying to help them]

+Bram fires at MiB
-MiB disappears, bullet seems to have hit something as it is bent.

+Enter Smokey
-Smokey kills everyone, but Bram is able to surround himself with powder to keep Smokey out.
-Smokey outsmarts, then kills him.
[Just before Bram dies Smokey charges him, before he gets hit a white light seems to emanate over Bram (probably just lighting/camera issue)]

+MiB appears.
-MiB to Ben: "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."
[This confirms suspicions that Smokey and MiB are the same entity]

12. (Plane)

+Charlie to Jack: "I was supposed to die."
[In the original timeline Desmond told Charlie that he would die inevitably]

+Jack can't seem to find Desmond, Rose was asleep.
-Seems oddly concerned.

*Side note: Pilot doesn't sound like Greg Grunberg who played the original 815 pilot.

13. (Island)

+Hurley: equipped with guitar and red shirt.
-Hurley to Miles: "It's not a guitar dude."
[Does this mean he does know what's inside?]

14. (LAX)

+Jack at courtesy desk concerning his father's coffin.
-Oceanic employee to Jack: "It appears it was never put on the plane."
-Oceanic employee to Jack: "We don't know when it will arrive because we're not exactly sure where it is."
[Perhaps Christian is supposed to be lost, no matter which timeline he is in]

15. (Island)

+Captured at the temple.
-Temple looks like Mayan temple, or Ziggurat.
[Other's Temple:]
[Mayan Pyramid:]

+Captors seem to be wearing an abundance of red.

16. (LAX)

+Edward takes Kate through customs.
-Edward to customs worker: "Just a murderer."
[Shows that Kate still killed someone. Different person/crime?]

+Kate uses Jack's pen to attempt to free herself in the bathroom.
-Can't get the cuffs off, but does manage to knock Edward out.
[The gash on Edward's forehead looks suspiciously like the gash he got from the briefcase on the original flight. Oddly enough his briefcase falls to the ground as he does, perhaps emphasizing the point]

17. (Island)

+Miles tells Sawyer that Juliette says: "It worked."
[The bomb worked? Huh?!]

18. (Temple)

+Enter the Emperor and John Lennon (That's what I'm calling them for now lol).

+Cindy to the Emperor/Lennon: "They were on the first plane..."
[Helps to solidify the fact that we are now caught up to Richard's present time]

+Paper hidden in the ankh.
[list of names?]

19. (LAX)

+Jin seems to understand the officer that is searching his belongings.
-He hands him business papers when asked about his business.

+Female officer to Sun: "Do you understand me?"
-Sun to female officer: "No..... English."
[An odd, and lengthy pause between those two words]

20. (Temple)

+Spring water is murky.
-Others seem concerned.
-Lennon to Emperor: "The water isn't clean. What happened?"
[What does unclean water indicate? Jacob's death?]

+Emperor cuts his hand, places it in the murky water.
-When nothing happens he seems surprised.
[Expecting the water to heal him?]

+Lennon to Jack regarding Sayid: "There are risks."
[Murky water?]

+Hour glass under red cloth.
-Proceed to drown Sayid.
-When he is lifted out of the spring he is deemed dead.

+Jack tries mouth-to-mouth.
[A resemblance to Charlie's near death experience at the hands of Ethan Rom in Season 1]

21. (LAX)

+Sayid and Arzt wait for their luggage.
-Possibly Claire's friend Rachel in the background?
[Screen Shot:]

+While Kate is fleeing for a cab she stands by Hurley.
-Hurley talks business on his cell.

+Kate "shares" a cab with Claire Littleton
-Gun drawn.

22. (Temple)

+Hurley shares with Lennon that Jacob has died.
-General shock.
-Fell out of the temple and sound bells/launch fireworks.
-Boarded up the temple to lock something inside.
[You can tell because the supports are facing away from the temple]
-Lennon to Hurley: "This isn't to keep you in, it's to keep him out."

23. (Statue)

+Ben to MiB: "You're the monster."
-MiB to Ben: "Let's not resort to name calling."

+MiB to Ben: "I want to go home."
[To the temple?]

24. (Temple)

+Hurley is kneeling over Sayid's body.
-Water looks clear from that angle.
[Can't find a good screen shot...  :-\]

25. (LAX)

+Jack to Locke: "Apparently he's somewhere in transit."
-Locke to Jack: "They didn't loose your father, they just lost his body."

+Jack to Locke regarding his condition: "Nothing's irreversible."
[Clearly alluding to the situation involving the new timeline]

26. (Statue)

+MiB to Richard: "Hello Richard. It's good to see you outta those chains."
[Black Rock slave? Figurative chains?]
-Richard to MiB: "You?!"
[Recognition of MiB]

+After knocking Richard out MiB to beach crowd: "I am very disappointed in all of you."

27. (Temple)

+Sayid awakens.
-Sayid to all: "What happened?"
[Possible accent or just dazed?]
[Jacob contained in Sayid's body?]

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Re: Weekly Notations: LA X
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2010, 08:42:44 PM »
Thanks for posting. It's great being able to read the episode's events (with good side notes!) and it will be good to have something to reference.

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Re: Weekly Notations: LA X
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2010, 08:53:53 PM »

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Re: Weekly Notations: LA X
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2010, 10:07:16 AM »
Thanks! Great to read. Helps keep things in order.

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Re: Weekly Notations: LA X
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2010, 10:37:23 AM »
That's great notes.

One thing occurred to me when reading your notes....when Juliette says we can go "dutch" I wonder if this has any connection to the Dutch Boy with his finger in the leaking dam, as the Swan was supposed to be a leaking dam that Desmond had to keep plugged by pushing the button. Sawyer had referenced the Little Dutch Boy before in Dharma Ville when he was head of security.

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Re: Weekly Notations: LA X
« Reply #5 on: February 04, 2010, 02:08:20 PM »
And also, I'd meant to put this in the notations, I say we make a move to give Josh Holloway his Emmy right now!! Great episode for his career.