Author Topic: Reboot or Rerun?  (Read 5836 times)

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Re: Reboot or Rerun?
« Reply #30 on: January 27, 2010, 04:28:49 PM »
If I remember right, wasn't Desmond the Variable?  And Penelope was his Constant.  Faraday said that Desmond was special and that is why he went to him to tell him to go visit his mother.  So I believe even if there is a reboot/reset/rerun Desmond will be the key to resolving it... Mrs. Hawking did say he had more work to do...  The other person/thing that bothers me is why Sun didn't flash back and why Christain told her that she has a long journey ahead of her.  If there is a reboot, why even tell that story?!?  I think we may be looking at a split Universe here with Desmond and/or Sun being the key to joining them...

ok couple things.. thats knda the hole in my theory yes des is special becayse is might be the key to this... but one thing abotu singleing out Sun... you also have to single out Ben, Frank, and Lockes corpse... thats from the people we already have met... then you have to say whynot caesar Bram or Ilana as well? i think at the ajira flash everyone was sent to a place that they coudl do the most progress...

I singled out Sun because she was an original Lostee on the original flight.  Ben and Frank were not... and the real Locke is dead... and dead is dead... so we think :) However, after the reset, I could see the real Locke being key as well!

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Re: Reboot or Rerun?
« Reply #31 on: January 28, 2010, 08:19:59 AM »
First:  I'm still convinced that a freeze-frame of the last image of "The Incident" shows external white light shining onto the top of Juliet's hand and an unexploded bomb.  So I still think the bomb didn't ever go off -- it's just a release of the EM pocket of energy.  So I'm expecting the Losties to time-jump (or is it the Island that time-jumps with special people while the regular people stay where they are?  They keep saying on the show that the Island moves through time, right?)  So I'm expecting the Losties (including Juliet) to reappear in 2007 at the Swan exploded crater site.  (Is it for sure she is exactly in a spot that will be encased in concrete?)

Second: On Schroedinger's Cat/Quantum Theory, I thought that String Theory suggests that what appears to be things being simultaneously "there" and "not there" is really because there are extra dimensions beyond the 4 we perceive (space-time) and that atoms are passing in and out of these extra dimensions as part of their complete nature, and not that there are really two simultaneous existences.

Third: I thought the time-jumping was all part of [Esau]'s long con of Richard to convince him that Locke was special so that Richard would lead [Esau] to Jacob's hiding place and let him in with Ben.  It is [Esau] appearing as Christian who tells John he has to move the Island and that he has to die (and it's [Esau] who tells Richard to again tell John that he has to die) but all of that was part of the long con.  But Jacob's touch somehow gives those people a special sense of what's the "right" choice to make -- Jack says "more than anything, this feels right" about going through with the plan to detonate the bomb.