6x05: User Requested Images

6x04_bones.jpgImages for discussion here include Claire's devil baby doll, books and music sheets. Jump in on the conversation or link to any other images you want to discuss from, LOST 605, The Lighthouse.

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CaptainP said:

That's not Erin Gray, it's Veronica Hamel from Hill Street Blues.

And Kate as the Mother of Jack's child? Doesn't make sense...they were both on the plane that didn't crash...

darthmaul1 said:

if that is Erin Gray, she was in buck rogers not battlestar.

Steveistotallylost said:

That's Erin Gray??? Looks more like Dorian Gray. Time has not been kind to her....

COL Kurtz said:

The mother is Erin Gray from the old 70s Battle Star Galactica series.

BadRobot64 said:

i think the year is the same year that 815 origionally flown as seen on Claires ultrasound. as for how old David is .. was it said? and i dont think that Jack was married to Davids mom.. was that said? Also i noticed when Jacks mom was reading Christians Will she isnt wearing a wedding ring... does this have any relevence? would she take off her wedding ring that soon to Christians death seeing how rings are a strong theme.

Steveistotallylost said:

Has anyone done the math to figure out what year it is? How many years before they got to the island was Jack married? How old is his son David?

LockedInLost said:

Clair's Boar Baby looks like a Tuscan Raider.

thebeann said:

I think Jack's mom has had a little work done, that's why she looked odd. She resembled a strung-out muppet in the same way Joan Rivers does.

buzmeg said:

When Jack is in David's room listening to the phone messages, we can see a cork board behind Jack with a post-it note and some photos. Can we get a clear blowup of this. I suspect it might be a clue as to who is David's Mom. I've seen speculation that some think Kate might be in a photo.

BadRobot64 said:

how about the concert poster on the easel when JAck walks into the Williams conservatory.. it says on it... "welcome all candidates"

Mrs. Widmore said:

I was thinking Taweret as well.

Can we get an image of the rabbit the key was under?

BobBX542 said:

I think that is the most heavy metal baby EVER!!

And why did Jack's mom look like a strung out muppet?? I understand that as people age, they don't look the same, but, you would think the make up people would have put a little more effort into the restoration.

Grinch531 said:

I think that the skull looks like the head of the statue, Taweret.

Astriastar said:

I think the skull is from a wild boar. Looks like tusk stumps in the nostril area.

CDReed said:

The skull in Claire's crib.. Could that be a polar bear skull or, uh oh, a certain dog. No, Vincent, no!

CastawayCayley said:

The Fantasie Impromptu music was what Faraday was playing in his episode in S5...

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