6x05: The Lighthouse (Names and Numbers)

6x4_lighthouse_temple.jpgIn 6x05, The Lighthouse, we got to see... a lighthouse. The numbers corresponding in degrees to the heading of the lighthouse were affiliated with names... many familiar, some not. This seems to be a match with the numbers seen in the cave in the last episode. Of course, we also see that a person's number can be dialed into and be observed from the lighthouse. Does it make any sense at all? Hmmmm.... no. Names, numbers and photos after the jump!

Click images to enlarge. Let's start a running list of deciphered names and numbers in the comments below!













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Madam P said:

It occurs to me that SHEPHARD could also stand for Christian as well as Jack. For some reason it stood out to me that they specifically said the house was from Jack's childhood - "the house I grew up in" - wasn't that what he said? So either Jacob was watching them from infancy (which is entirely possible given what we saw with Richard and young Locke last season), or perhaps Jacob was watching Christian? I dunno -- I'm probably making this more complicated than it already has to be.

COL Kurtz said:

Lambert is for Adam Lambert. the gay guy from American Idol....interesting.

Mrs. Widmore said:

Rebel 3:16-
Check your numbers again.
108 = Wallace

PurpleLostPrincess said:

Linus is crossed out!!!!

I wonder where Michael and Walt's names are - what were the co-ordinates they were told to follow again?!?

waefrea said:

all the names have been crossed out, except for the few lo-sties left... is this jacobs and fake lockes last attempt to whatever their doing. @-@

grove25 said:

108 is the sum of all the numbers. So, is it possible that the image viewed at 108 would tell Jack where to take the group? Or show where they are going?

Rebel 3:16 said:

Also from the cave we know that:


Rebel 3:16 said:

12. Foster
14. Pryce
15. FORD
17. Barnes *
20. Rosseau
21. McHenay
22. Moorhead
24. Kluxen
25. Asher
33. Novak
34. Grimaldi
35. Brennan
37. Torres
40. Dowsen #
42. KWON
43. Barnes *
48. Stanhope
104. Lewis
105. Wallace
109. Friendly
111. Klein
112. Horton
113. Worden
116. Lambert
117. Linus
119. Almeida
120. Rodriguez
121. Nielson
122. Freed ???
124. Dawson #
125. Owens
127. Mora

Ones I could make out - 2 Barnes, 2 Dawson's? (one appears to be Dowsen though) and a FREED?
Could be a name or could be someone that 'the Island' had well, freed.
Most will be meaningless but as we can see there are a couple on there that we know.
Was Lambert the guy who was undercover when Locke woked at the comune?

Balsley said:

124 - Dawson, Michael

My Alternate Self said:

So it's a new number in the series?
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 51 = 159?

zauriel said:

So ... nobody notices that Kate's name (Austen) is not only place #51, but is NOT CROSSED OUT? Prop error? Or secret revealed?

BobBX542 said:

hehehe-22, Moorhead-hehehehe

But on a serious note, it looks like Wallace is scratched out, no?? So, was it the name that Jack was suppossed to see, or did Jacob just want Jack to look into the mirror and see the "specialness" of it??

Mrs. Widmore said:

108 is WALLACE! But who's Wallace and why is it so important that Jack sees this name?

Grinch531 said:

25 - Ashes.
Since there have been a couple references with ash for Jacob and the Man in Black, I thought this was interesting.

Blitz Wing said:

17 Barnes. Wasn't that cop who was the partner to Anna-Lucia named Barnes? I could be mistaken.

MachThree said:

Jacob needs a darker pen and neater printing!

Hippoeki said:

Can anyone read 108?

Also 51 Austen!
20 Rousseau
102 Montand

I think Shephard and Jarrah were bold so we the viewer could see them nice and clear.

sledgeweb said:

108 - Wallace?

Roman122 said:

I thought Jarrah looked written over again too...

Jugdish said:

Looks like shepard was written over again. Like he really wanted Jack to notice it

CastawayCayley said:

101 - Faraday
93? - Rutherford?
109 - Friendly?? Tom??

CastawayCayley said:

117 - Linus
124 - Dawson
104 - Lewis

Lost In NH said:

Terrific work getting these up so fast! I see a few gems in here.

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