6x01: Dharma Shark Returns

6x02_dharma_shark.jpgA nice easter egg for long-time lost fans was found in the opening sequence of the Season Six Premiere. In what appears to be an alternate universe, Jack et al are back on 815 and enroute to Los Angeles - safely. The camera dives below the clouds, into the ocean and reveals the island deep underwater. A quick shot of the infamous Dharma Shark greets eagle-eyed viewers before the camera pans around to reveal the (also infamous) four toed statue.

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Cowboy Up said:

Ezra James Sharkington!!

Dreamwalker said:

The Dharma Shark is a clue that the island sunk sometime after Dharma performed the animal experiments on the island (and also after the statue was mostly destroyed).

Was it the Incident (or whatever took its place) which caused the island to sink? I don't know. I'm sure we'll find out eventually this season.

Speaking of this season, Sledge, I hate to break it to you, but it's not Season 5 anymore. Perhaps you should change the banner at the top of the screen to say "6" instead of "5". ;)

toe5 said:


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