5x12: Ben's Judgement (video investigation)

5x12_smokey_2.jpgUnlike Eko, who felt no shame for his sins, Ben weeps at his mistake in causing Alex's death. Makes one wonder just what the Pilot's sins were for the killin' he got. Anyway, for those interested there are 49 holes in the "smokey grate." Anyone wanna bet holes 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 are important? Check out the video after the jump to rewatch the judgement.

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Rebel 3:16 said:

My take on the 'CGI' effect Ben saw via Smokie was that he was inside the Temple, right at the heart of Smokie's abode, maybe where Smokie is most powerful.
When Ecko experienced a similar 'judgement' he was outside, away from the temple. If you have ever tried watching TV outside on a sunny day (or had the sun beaming in a window onto the TV screen for that matter) you will know what I mean.
I think I prefered Ecko's cloudy, blurred images as opposed to Ben's HD, Hi Res visions but all in all I dont think it really matters that much to me, I thought its was a very good episode on the whole.

smokey_is_king said:

Haha oh yeah, good work! Man, I ought to be careful, what with this plagiarism bug going round! But "pulling a Clarke Kent" is the perfect way to describe it - made me chuckle!

Blitz Wing said:

"Anyway, I only have one question...did anyone else find it strange that each time you expected Smokey to appear, Locke would disappear? Seemed very scooby doo-ish if you ask me..."

LOL, I started a thread about that....I called it "Locke pulling a Clark Kent?"


smokey_is_king said:

Given my username I feel obliged to comment! Personally, I agree with Still_lost06 - this was the best scene of the season so far! I didn't think it was cheesey at all, mainly down to the fact that you knew it was coming throughout the whole episode and that got me excited enough not to care. As a dedicated fan of the show, I don't think I could have asked for a better delivery, I thought it was perfect.

Anyway, I only have one question...did anyone else find it strange that each time you expected Smokey to appear, Locke would disappear? Seemed very scooby doo-ish if you ask me...

Novashannon said:

I'm with you, RM. And, Sawyer,love, isn't it Alex?

SawyerLove said:

My husband joked that when Lost is done, the last thing Ben will say is, "I have to get to California. There's a cheerleader that needs my help!"

Anyway, the cgi was pretty cheesy, but you all have great theories! I have some things to think about now!

Who's face is in the 5th picture down? Looks like a boy, but he doesn't look familiar to me.

Blitz Wing said:

I think jefl713 may be on to something. Had Ben went with the mercs....he couldn't have moved the island. He sacrificed Alex....and in doing so moved the Island. So perhaps Ben saved the island over saving his daughter....unlike what Whitmore said he would not be able to do. So perhaps that's why Smokie didn't kill Ben. Perhaps it had nothing to do with morality, but the Island's own selfish needs.

"Makes one wonder just what the Pilot's sins were for the killin' he got."

Simple, he joined the cast of Heroes....the island can't have that, kill him! =D

RM said:

Let me get this straight -- after of the stuff that Ben has done, the one thing the Island feels the need to judge him on is not trading himself for his fake/stolen "daughter" (who was killed by someone else, not him)!!!???

Please. What the f*** kind of morality is this?

He just now turned Caesar against John just in case he might need him, then turned around and shot him when he was unarmed!!! That warrants no judgement??? Oh my goodness!!!

Novashannon said:

Look at the third pic down. Looks like a face to me. Quite like Widmore, actually.
I did not think it was too cheesy.

jefl713 said:

perhaps the monster allowed ben to live as he had proved that he would do anything for the island... even letting his daughter die as charles had foretold during his banishment... perhaps the island did want alex to die...

jumbotron said:

Smokey's video montage was SUPER CHEESE as far as I'm concerned and for some fans on the bubble was a probably shark jumping moment. Smokey manifesting as Alex and giving Ben a beat down was awesome and made up for the cheesey FX though. A very good episode and made up for the last 3 or 4 that made me yawn a little.

Lost and Found said:

I was wondering if the Smoke Monster pardoned Ben because he paused, as though he had a change of heart, and showed mercy to Penny and her son, Charlie, instead of killing her or both of them for that matter.

lostfromthestart said:

I agree with the StimpMaster!

stimpygato said:

Even though the smokey FX were a little less than stellar (the flashbacks inside smokey were too CGI looking, as were the black/grey levels of smokey itself in the temple's labyrinth), I still thought this was one of the very best episodes to date.

If you thought LOST jumped the shark because of this scene, then I'd say you're not quite vested in the story.

lostfromthestart said:

I agree that most shows that feature smoke monsters as significant characters, particularly if they have their own temples to pay them homage, end up jumping the shark at some point.

Somehow it works on Lost. Go figure.

DharmaCakes said:

I thought this was he cheesiest episode ever Felt very contrived and lame. I think this show just jumped the shark for me...

Blitz Wing said:

This was an awesome scene....truly.

JMart said:

very tight indeed... smoke monster is a true pimp

Still_lost06 said:

this was, by far, the best scene this season! and Alex showing up...awesome!

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