5x10: Young Ben Gets Shot

5x10_ben_shot.jpgSo, in a very cliffhanger-ish style, tonight's episode ended with Sayid shooting Young Ben in the chest. The images after the jump show that the bullet wound appears to have penetrated extremely near to his heart. I seriously doubt that a young boy could normally survive a bullet wound of this nature, but something tells me Young Ben will be fine, somehow. Perhaps he is saved, or perhaps Locke wasn't the first person that the island has resurrected. Let us know your thoughts after the jump.

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The Freeman said:

JoelBradLost, talking causality? Ben's tumor occurs because of the bullet in his chest? I have to say that I disagree with you on this one. Out of all of the freaky shyte that they Dharma Initiative was doing there are possibly WAY more things that could cause Linus to get a tumor. I doubt that a bullet would hold up well as a cause for a tumor, maybe something that came as a result of that bullet, but not the bullet itself.

jefl713, very keen observation, kudos.

steelcitymurder, can you please stop, you are acting very immature. It is quite childish for one to have the need of saying the last, spiteful, and totally irrelevant comment.

joshzam said:

I have to strongly agree with KoKoNut here and kindly request that you refrain from opsting spoilers. You may not think they are "spoilers" simply because they appear in your TV Guide. It doesn't matter where you get the information!

A spoiler is a piece of information in an article about a narrative work (such as a book, feature film, television show or video game) that reveals plot events or twists, and thus may 'spoil' the experience for any reader who learns details of the plot in this way rather than in the work itself.

If you saw a film and told me the ending, that would ruin it for me even though the information is certainly easy to find in many reviews, web sites, or forums. A little common courtesy for those who want to enjoy the show as it is broadcast please.

JoelBradLost said:

hey everyone
know bens tumor ya right eh !
so heres how it goes
ben gets shot
dosent Die
so therefore when hes older
he gets a tumor

jefl713 said:

the others had kate and sawyer assist in building an airplane runway on hydra island while in captivity...

steelcitymurder said:

On to another subject, why hasnt anybody mentioned how weird it was that there was a freaking landing strip on the island??? I have never heard anyone on any season mention people arriving on the island by plane, (not crashing)... It has always been by submarine, boat, or crash.

steelcitymurder said:

And here is the complete info section for this coming week's tv guide info section...

"Kate tries to save Ben's life---and takes drastic measures to do so---when Jack refuses to help. Meanwhile, Kate begins to tell the truth about the lie to protect Aaron."

steelcitymurder said:

Here is the complete info section word for word for the 4/08 episode..

"Ben needs to atone for his past sins, so he tries to summon the smoke monster to pass judgement."

steelcitymurder said:

what did i do wrong??? this info is RIGHT ON YOUR TV GUIDE LISTING... show me where on this site that is states i cannot post about the info listed BY ABC on the info guide section. YOU are a tad out of line.

The Freeman said:

dude, i think that was a tad out of line, please keep those things out.


steelcitymurder said:

Freeman... EXACTLY!! That person was acting like I told her/him how the series ended. Now if I mentioned what my tv guide said about the NEXT episode it would probably piss off some ppl. I will do it anyways... It states that Ben decides to make amends and try to make things right after coming so close to death... Once again, I dont call this a "spoiler" since anybody can see this info on their tv guide info section.

The Freeman said:

Just because TV guide says that Jack will refuse that doesn't necessarily mean anything, he could try to refuse, but in the end, i believe he is going to do it anyway.

steelcitymurder said:

Ummm, telling you what your own tv guide listing states is a spoiler??? Its not like I got secret information from David Lindoff or something. lol

KoKoNut said:

Uh...aren't there not supposed to be spoilers here? I really didn't want to know that!

steelcitymurder said:

I noticed that alot of you are predicting that Jack saves Ben and I think that is odd. If you use your guide feature on your remot control and get the episode information for the next episode it clearly states that Jack refuses to help Ben while Kate takes resposibility for trying to save him, (oddly she has not medical background)...

The Freeman said:

Mommainternet, someone like young Ben will not get killed (assuming that we have seen them in the future). If they did get killed then we would not have seen them before. It's not like Ben will catch up with Sun and then all of the sudden Ben will disappear because he got killed 30 years ago and leave Sun saying, "Where's Ben?", that does not make sense, because if he was killed Sun would have NEVER met him. I hope this answers your question.

And they will not change anything that happens in the future, everything that we have seen of the future (sorry, the present [not the '70s]) will stay exactly as we have seen it before
1. because we would not have seen it already and
2. Faraday said that they wouldn't, and the odds are that whatever he says will happen will happen (that is just how his character is).

SawyerLove said:

Maybe since Locke is technically dead, Ben needs to be technically dead for Locke to fight him and save the island?

Mommainternet said:

One more comment, but I was actually looking forward to finding out the answer - if someone like young Ben is killed does that mean that old Ben would no longer exist as well.

Along with anavrin, I had wondered if we'd even seen Ben's chest through the various times he's been beat up. I don't remember.

Mommainternet said:

I had at first thought Sayid killed Ben, but after watching Lost Untangled I have to agree with sraysadle and The Freeman. I also can see Jack coming forward telling them all he's a doctor and saving young Ben's life.

NorthShoreOGLost said:

Hmm, but if Ben were dead all along, how is it that he's always getting beaten to a pulp by people? Sayid in the hatch, Jack just before the freighter arrives, before he gets onto Ajira 317?

Lost and Found said:

What if older Ben has been dead all along, like Christian and now Locke. That would explain why he always has to ask people to do things for him. It's almost like he can never handle a task by himself. He always has to ask Jack, or Locke, or Sawyer, or Sayid or even Hurley to do his dirty work.

The Freeman said:

I am 95% sure that Jack will be the one that saves him. Evidence:
1. Jack is upset by the fact that he has to be a workman due to his "incompetence" and will probably want to prove himself. (does he even know that the kid is Ben?)
2. Ben knew that Jack was a surgeon when he wanted him to perform surgery on his tumor. He knew Jack was a doctor because Jack had already saved him (this instance)

and, yes, Ben will remember Jack because Charlotte told Faraday that she remembered him, and she obviously younger than Ben is.

So, do you agree?

Still_lost06 said:

I think that the island will heal him. Kind of a course-correction thing. Since the purge is something that the island might require.

anavrin said:

Did we ever see OldBen's bare chest, you know, maybe around the time of his back surgery? If so, does he have a scar on his chest (or back, I guess, if there was an exit wound)?

Bud said:

Woot Sayid shot young Ben!!! Sayid was still on the come down from a bunch of acid(LSD) so maybe this is part of his hallucinations.

Best TV show ever.

sraysadler said:

Oh, by the way, here's the link to the Untangled episode:


sraysadler said:

I had to watch online this morning, and after watching the actual episode, I watched the "LOST Untangled" episode too.

At 1:58 of that, they show an image of a young Ben, chest wrapped in gauze, laying in a hospital bed. If they find him and get him in a hospital bed, he's gonna make it all the way.

BobBX542 said:

@madamP- If you destroy the heart, and the heart stops beating, there is much less blood than you would think.

Maxor127 said:

Michael Emerson IS Ben. He killed his dad in the Dharma van, remember?

matahari said:

They do have a surgeon (or two) again. Albeit, not a great one.

BadRobot64 said:

wow.. timber has a really good point... because... when we first me "Ben" he took henry Gale's identity... interesting...

Harry Erickson said:

Maybe all along michael emerson isnt ben

LostDave said:

But there was Dharma stuff all over the barracks when the Others were there also. And there are still no Dharma people around. Just the barracks that the Others abandoned and the mercenaries sacked when they came for Ben.

So I don't think they stopped the purge. In fact I think they are going to end up setting events into motion that will eventually CAUSE the purge.

But that's just a guess.

Ben's blood could have been pouring out into his sweatshirt/jacket, or whatever that was that he was wearing. But I wouldn't be too quick to count him out. After all we've seen lots of people miraculously healed on this island. In fact he wouldn't be the first leader-to-be of the Others to survive a gunshot like that. (Or maybe he would be, since Locke gets shot in the future!)

That would be two successive leaders who survived what should have been lethal gunshots. That makes me wonder if Widmore was also shot? Could this be something the Others accept as proof that someone is "favored by the island" if they can survive something like this?

Madam P said:

It seemed like Little Ben stood there for at least a couple seconds after being shot and before he fell. Why no blood? Wouldn't there pretty instantly be tons of blood, especially if he got shot in the heart?

timberwolf said:

jedi got me thinking when he/she said that the purge may never have happened. Perhaps older Ben is not the young Ben. As in young Ben here dies and the older Ben that we know took on young Ben's identity, making them two different people and Sayid shoots who he thinks is the same Ben. Just a thought. I mean, we see people take on another person's identity all the time, it seems. Anyway, I'm not sure if that theory fits into the timeline and anywhere else. We'll see.

On est toujours un peu perdre avec Lost! C'est si bon comme ├ža.

jedicrippler said:

First time commenter, long time reader. I don't know if I'd be so sure about Ben surviving this. Remember, there was Dharma stuff all over the barracks when Sun & Lapidus got there last week suggesting that the Purge may never have happened. And the title of the book Ben gave to Sayid (A Separate Reality) is possibly a clue to where this is going as well.

There was also a scene shooting described in Entertainment Weekly a while back that I think may be finally coming into play with this event. I have a bad feeling about this...

LockedInLost said:

I think Jack might save him again.

LostBarber said:

Best Show on T.V. I think We get a Ben episode next week with What Happened, Happened and we get a Faraday episode with The Variable that some how repairs the timeline after tonight.

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