5x10: A Separate Reality Book

5x10_a_separate_reality.jpgTonight young Ben provided prisoner Sayid with a book titled A Separate Reality - by Carlos Castaneda published in 1971. The book is supposedly a non-fiction story where Castaneda claims he was under the apprenticeship of a self-proclaimed Yaqui Indian Sorcerer, Don Juan Matus. Whether or not the events in the book took place have been a subject of debate since it was published. However, its also interesting that the title of the book is A Separate Reality. Are the writers hinting that the losties are in an alternate reality, something we touched on in this discussion, or is the book nothing more than a red herring?

To read more about A Separate Reality, check out the wikipedia.

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Time-Jumper said:

I think we will find all that out in the next episode... at least I hope... I've been eager to find out if, "Whatever happened, happened" is really the truth... My guess is, yes. And that Sayid really just fulfilled his destiny.

Still_lost06 said:

Just had a new thought actually. What if Sayid's killing of young Ben has created a new reality? Faraday had said that we can go back and forth along the "string" of time, but we can never create a new string. But what if that's what has happened?

Still_lost06 said:

That's a great title to have in this show. Maybe it's referring to the new losties in the "present" and the old ones in 1977.

DaveJohnson said:

Of course, the Castaneda books are great fun, but the evidence is he most likely wrote these books only by reading the works of others, and not actually doing any field work himself. The books are still good fun tho!

It's interesting they picked this title, as it is not Castaneda's first book in the series - so you could say the writers picked it for it's title, not for it's author.

Is it an imbedded hint? I think it's a wink/nod towards fans more than anything else... kinda like them showing Sayid building lots of houses, kinda answering all the questions about Sayid's photo from the Locke episode.

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