Prepping for Season 5: The Many Faces Of...?

cover011409a.jpgI was originally going to title this article, "The Many Faces Of Marvin Candle..uh, I mean Mark Wickmund, crap, I mean Edgar Halliwax, or is it Pierre Chang. Oh hell, you get the idea" but that seemed like an awefully long title for such a short article. I think you all get the idea. Actor Francois Chau (that's his real life name!) has had the unique fortune of being the only character in the entire show 4 names (to date).

Thanks to a new video released this past summer at Comic con, it seems that we've finally discovered that our favorite Dharma scientists real name is Pierre Chang. I saw what's being called The Barracks video for the first time yesterday, and found it astounding. I'd heard about it last summer, of course, but in my lazy, Lost hiatus mood chose not to watch it at the time. But it got me wondering who else hadn't seen it yet. And for that matter, who else out there has forgotten about the other fantastic videos we've seen from this Dharma Scientist. So follow the jump and refresh yourself on the many faces of....oh hell, you know who I mean.

The Swan Station Orientation Film - This video gave us our first meeting with Dr. Marvin Candle, and prepped us, and the castaways, on the mysterious purpose of The Swan. As is typical with Lost, the video created more mystery and questions than it answered and left us wanting more. First seen in Season 2, episode 3, "Orientation."

The Pearl Orientation Film - This time he uses the name Mark Wickmund and is filmed from inside the actual Pearl Station itself. There is no intro of the Dharma initiative on this video as well, unlike the Swan film, and we first see this video when Locke and Eko watch it in Season 2, episode 21, "?"

The Orchid Orientation Film - In this film we meet Chang as Dr. Edgar Halliwax, as he explains the strange and secret purpose of the Orchid Station. This video was originally released in 2007, at Comic-con, but later appeared in Season 4, episode 13, "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3."

The Barracks Video - In this final video, we appear to get the real name of our oldest Dharma friend, Pierre Chang. This video is fantastic, and was just released in the summer of 2008 at Comic-con. In the video Chang warns us about an upcoming Purge that he's gotten from "reliable" sources. Listen closely at the end of the video for a voice you are sure to recognize.

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BobBX542 said:

I was thinking that Wickman or whoever he is was making all of the orientation tapes, and for whatever reason, the DHARMA initiative didn't want the experiment subjects to know that the same person is involved with all of the experiments. So, knowing that they are bound to talk, they would just say something like, "On our orientation video, Dr. Wickman said..." and the person they are talking to would respond with something along the lines of, "Yeah, Dr. Candle was the guy on ours."

MadamP-That is an awesome theory, I really like that. Might make more sense that all of the people on the island are natives in some way. I have been thinking for some time now that Charlotte's connection is that she's the one who moved the island the last time it needed to be protected, which is why she was so happy to find the collar around the polar bear skeleton. Farraday had a strong reaction to the revealing of the wreckage being discovered, so maybe there is something regarding a previous trip to the island (his connection) and because of the snowglobe effect, he can't remember it, and that is why Desmond is going to have to be his constant.

Madam P said:

I also thought the voice was Daniel Faraday, but I wasn't sure if we could post that or not or if it was "spoilerish" but since Jugdish did it, I guess we can! ;-)

Good catch, lostfan777, on CANDLE, WICKmund, and HalliWAX. I am currently banging my head on the desk for not noticing that earlier...

Something I read elsewhere (TV Guide, I think) said something about how we were going to be surprised to find out how some of the Boat People were related to the Island. With that in mind, here's my first big theory of the season -- you know the baby we hear crying at the beginning of the Barracks video, when Candlewickwax says "Keep him quiet!" or something like that?

I'm betting that baby is Miles Strom -- son of Candlewickwax.

westy185 said:

I have written and read about these names on this and many other Lost sites. I thought that the various names might indicate time experiments gone awry, where multiples of the same person resulted and these new individuals picked names similar in some way to their original name. The last film shown above seems to indicate this is not the case and that Dr. Chang is deliberately using aliases. Though the reason he’s been using these different names could be to make people think what I thought. Who knows? We can only speculate. Dharma seemed built around a “need to know” basis, so maybe almost no one was ever meant to see more than one of Chang’s films. perhaps he was just amusing himself by picking these similar aliases.

To see if either of his “real” names has any significance or relation to the aliases I looked them up on Wikipedia. This was all I found of interest on Chang:

Kathy Chang (known as Kathy Change) - political activist who self-immolated to heighten public awareness of questionable U.S. government affairs.
She seems to be a bit of a dead end, no disrespect intended. Chang or Zhang is also the third most common surname in China, making it one of the most common names in the world.

Pierre was more interesting and many of the references could fit into the writer’s affinity for philosophers and scientists:
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first self-proclaimed anarchist and is regarded by some as the founder of modern anarchist theory
Pierre Bézier engineer/mathematician known for his work with Bézier curves
Pierre Curie, French Physicist and husband of Marie Curie
Pierre de Maricourt (13th century), writer on magnetism and astrolabes
Pierre de Fermat, French lawyer and mathematician
Pierre Fourier Catholic saint and French priest
Abbé Pierre, Catholic French Priest who founded the Emmaus Movement

Pierre de Maricourt was especially interesting. Check him out.

lostfan777 said:

Has anyone ever discussed the meaning of the fake names he uses? CANDLE...WICKmund...halliWAX...Do all the candle references mean anything? His 'real' name doesn't fit, but that would make sense if it was supposed to be the character himself making up the names and not just the writers having fun.

BobBX542 said:

I got the feeling that it was Farraday as well, but only because of what they were talking about, not because of the sound of his voice.

AstroJones said:

Yeah, I thought it was clearly Faraday's voice.

Versed4every1 said:


Sounds like Daniel to me as well.

Lil said:

Thanks Astro, I have no life anymore oh wait I never did ;)

Jugdish said:

Who voice do you think it is? I did not find it that clear to decide. Are we thinking Daniel?

Madam P said:

Thanks for consolidating all the many faces into one convenient spot for us!

Exciting stuff! The 'voice we should recognize' is really interesting!

Floyd25 said:

Thanks Astro. There's a lot to do in preparing for Season 5 premi. Woo Hoo

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