4x08: Here's the Shooter

4x08_shooter.jpgA closer look at the closing scene from "Meet Kevin Johnson" reveals the shooter that takes down Carl and Rousseau. There's only a few frames of the killer, but we do get a glimpse of him. We have a large pic, plus an animated image available for a closer look after the jump. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Click the image below to view larger.


Here's an animated version, you can clearly make out the back of someone crouched down in the jungle moving away.


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Penless Poet said:

Go back to abc's episode viewer and pick any episode where you see Miles. What we can see of the clothes on the shooter matches Miles' clothing, and the shooter has short black hair.

It's gotta be Miles... unless Richard got a new wardrobe. XD
But don't ask me how he got loose. I don't know. Maybe we find out in the next episode that Claire went down to the boat shed to let him out, or the guys Frank took ashore in the helicopter. Who knows, maybe the grenade Locke put in his mouth was a dud...?
Also, I have no idea where he got the gun, or the silencer.
I just see that the clothes and hair match up.

cloris said:

I think it wasn't anyone. I just want to play the downer and say it was a set worker who accidently got caught in the shot.
That being said, I don't think it could be richard. I think Ben is actually his pawn, just as Ben is Jacobs pawn. And richard won't do something just because Ben wants it.

NorthShoreOGLost said:

I don't necessarily think the shooter has to be anyone in particular. If Carl and Danielle were huge parts of the story, then yeah I can see the identity of the shooter being a big deal. I think the bigger deal is that it was arranged.

That being said, I think it was Richard.

SQUIRT199 said:

Perhaps for another thread but did anyone see the map Ben gave to Alex/carl,

It shows a Dharma Icon and it is labled temple,

isnt that the same spot on Farrady's map that showed it was named tempest?

Bloody Rock God said:

I just don't understand how some of you think it's logical that the shooter could be from Not-Penny's-Boat. The Why, the How, and the Where don't come close to matching up!

WHY would someone from the freighter being lying in wait between Otherton and the Temple to take out deserters from Ben & Locke? And the big dumb crew guy was using a loudass automatic assault rifle to shoot the clay pigeons. Whoever shot Carl and Rousseau was using a semi-auto sharpshooter rifle with a silencer!

Don't you think it would make a little more sense that the Others would have scouts placed around the perimeter of the Temple for security? These people obviously knew Carl was a traitor and would have every reason to shoot him. Daniel is a stranger. The could even believe they're protecting Alex!

Don't you think it makes MORE sense that Ben would KNOW this is the case. It's true, the Temple IS for the Others. He probably counted on it being a death trap for Rousseau, and maybe even Carl if he was lucky. He seems confident enough to get Miles his $3.2 million - and if Harper was truly Harper and not some morph of Jacob/the Island's - then he clearly has some way of communicating with his people.

I'd just like to add that I'm extremely grateful for the internet and HD television for providing losers like us animated screencaps like the one above. It truly is a marvelous world we live in!

BTW, it's Taller Walt, not Older Walt.

nofate said:

"older" walt

Nawzer said:

Looks like a velociraptor to me.

Passenger-WHY said:

I had one more thought about motivation...if your mission is to get Ben why would you murder people who might lead you to his whereabouts right away?
Wouldn't the better course of action be capture...interrogation...then killing when through if the assignment is to eliminate all people...what's gained by gunning down potential leads to Ben in the middle of the jungle...

Passenger-WHY said:

The shooter is one of yet another of the endless supply of mindless drones that "works for Ben...Why?
...Because you have to think about what you know...and here is what we know...Ben is pschopathic manipulative liar and murderer...proof you want...how about his mass killing of the Dharma members...no innocents there right?...How about his own Father...or the fact that he shot Charlotte as soon as he could to keep her silent...How about his obsession with Juliet that "she" was his...now think about that type of obsseive behavior in relation to Alex...it was no accident that the show had a shot of him eyeing Carl while his hand was around Alex's waist...He has already tried to brain wash him a la clockwork orange...remeber him being rescued...and lastly remember where Carl was when he was shot right next to Alex...if it was commando killers why didn't they just shoot her as well wasn't like she was hiding...and who gets shot next her mom...

BrianisLOST said:

If it is someone from the boat then how did they get there? I seem to remember the captain beating the crap out of whoever was trying to get off of the boat.

Kiloburn said:

Bearing in mind that firearms depictions in media are rarely accurate, I'd suggest that the shooter is one of the commandos from the boat. Here's my train of thought:

1. This week's episode portrayed some of the freighties blasting away at clay pigeons with MP5's (likely MP5A2's).

2. The MP5 an odd choice for outdoor combat. This makes me think that they were planning on sweeping through the stations/barracks like a SWAT team.

3. Considering that the water bottle had a nice clean hole through it, the shooter must have been using a high-velocity, low-caliber ammunition.

4. The MP5 fires high velocity, low-caliber ammunition (9mm), and is very easy to suppress (It takes literally 3 seconds to do so).

5. Suppressed firearms don't go "bang". Furthermore, if you use subsonic ammo, guess what you hear instead? That's right- "Vip", just like we heard.

6. Judging by the similar nature of the two recent maps , I'd say that the "errand" our friendly neighborhood pilot left on was to drop off a few commandos to secure/wipe out whoever was at the "temple" location, and our trio was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, there is one thing that doesn't fit.
The guys on the boat are most likely mercenaries (not only will they do pretty much anything for the right amount, but no one will miss them if they disappear-risks of the job, and perfect for a guy like Widmore). They fire full-auto at clay pigeons, which is fine for blowing off steam, but not if you're really practicing, indicating to me that either they don't care, have enough hardware that it doesn't matter, or (and this is the important bit), they aren't terribly careful about their shooting. So here's the sticky wicket: Whoever fired at our trio is careful enough not only to have an ambush set up, but fires only single (if not /terribly/ well aimed) shots from a concealed location with a suppressed weapon. Not something the freighter folk would seem terribly adept at (except maybe Naomi, and she's toast). So this means either:

a. There's a quiet fighter among the mercs
b. One of the freighties has gone rogue
c. Someone else has some of the freighties hardware (I don't think we've seen MP5's on the island before)
which would mean either

1. The commandos (and maybe Frank) are toast
2. The temple is already history.

That's my lengthy 2 cents

DJSpurs said:

I'm pretty sure its someone off the boat!
Remember Sayid noticed that the chopper was missing so I think the pilot took the mercenaries to the island and they were the shooters.

Hord said:

It's the people from the boat.

Follow the foreshadowing.

Ben tells them to go because if they found out that he has a daughter that they would use it against it.

Lasts thing Alex screams to make them stop "shooting?" is that she is Ben's daughter.

Add that to the preview for April 24th. Where John and Ben are in some sort of gun fight and it becomes clear that the Pilot flew the gunmen onto the island.

Not sure if I'm getting used to the style of writing on this show or the last 2-3 episodes were just rushed... it's becoming predictible.

conway said:

The thing moving around looks like a turkey, animal.
Hey you hunters out there, would a normal bullet make a tiny hole in the water bottle to just make it dribble out or would it be blown away? I almost wondered if the weapons were more like strong darts..you heard a whizzing sound but not gun shot sounds. Just curious.

DJSpurs said:

It looks a little like Jack!
But that would be mad!
Other possible ideas which would be mad include: Walt? Miles? Ben?
But i think it could be one of Daniel, Juliet or Charlotte or even Kate, remember they were all around the tempest station and it seems that the temple is in the same area according to the maps ive seen. It could be Jack, he was there as well!
If not, then it could be an other, or someone who jumped off the boat!

KJGav said:

Ben joined forced with the "hostiles" when he helped execute the Purge on DHARMA. I think it's an Other, someone we may not have met yet. Ben showed he is still communicating with the Others when he sent Harper to talk to Juliet. He got word to his people to off Karl and Rousseau so he can have his daughter all to himself again.

qgardens said:

My gut reaction is it's Miles. But is it just me, or can anyone else see what looks like a face appearing to the left of the tree at far right in the animation? I believe it is just distortion due to the digitized image of shadows and flora, but the first time I saw it, I thought someone was peeking out from behind there.

BrianisLOST said:

Considering they were headed toward the Temple where the rest of The Others are hiding out, I'm guessing it was one of them on guard, possibly Richard.

jodeci said:

i think it was one of the 'hostiles' that ben was warned about when he first arrived on the island as a child
and i don't know how danielle did not know they were being followed, since she has been part of the island for 16 years

Burnin said:

Greetings from Costa Rica to Sledge and the whole SWLS crew! I discover this site around season 2 and have been a fan ever since... first time poster though.

It's simply amazing how this show is all about Ben (and a little about island)... plus all the dumb people that surrounds him. I mean... how's it possible that Danielle didn't see the ambush coming!!! She's been living on the island for more than 16 years now, surviving by hiding, killing and basically running from the Others and now she still takes their leader's word (as everyone else on the island is doing)
It's obvious to me that the Others had specific instructions: Kill everyone that approaches the temple besides him and his "daughter". Ben just knew how to get rid of the "bad" influences surrounding his daughter... and now she's all his (again).

BobBX542 said:

I think it had to be Keamy (the guy that was shooting the clay pigeons), because the map that Ben gave to Alex looked almost exactly like the one that stupid Charlotte and Daniel had. This leads me to believe that the freighters have the same map as well, and if Keamy and Frank were going to the Temple, it makes sense to shoot anyone they meet along the way. They will probably take Alex Prisoner, and use that against Ben. Call that my psychic abilities, or the fact that some things on TV are still predictable.

beanblog said:

I think it's Ben. The only person he cares about besides himself is Alex. He got them out in the open and eliminated the extra baggage. When he said "It's just for us" when talking to Alex regarding the Temple, I think he mean "me and you" not "me and you all".

If it wasn't Ben in person, it was definitely someone doing his bidding.

Captain Falafel said:

I don't know... I think the animated version shows a fleeing Komodo dragon. Perhaps Dharma was training and weaponizing Komodos before the Purge (before they acheived pinpoint accuracy). That would explain the lousy first two shots and questionable palcement of the successful ones. Ben can communicate telepathically with the creatures and when he saw the amorousness between his "daughter" and Crazy Carl, he put the hit out on Carl before Alex got preggers. Danielle could have been on the list or another example of bad shooting.

Since the previews said someone was going to die, does that mean either Carl or Danielle might make it?

Paulo4President said:

yea, It would make sense for it to be that deck hand who was shooting the skeet - a forshadowing of sorts

SawyerLove said:

From the hair, I'd say it kinda looks like Miles, but Locke would not have let him go... Unless Ben came up with the money.

|_0$T said:

ever think there could have been multiple shooters?

jinfan said:

I think this is where the pilot and the tall skeet shooter were going. Maybe he dropped him off? I hope the healing powers of the island save Danielle.

Optimus J said:

Might be an other that we don't know yet.

lostatsea said:

I think we will have to wait until season 5 to find out who it is! (That s^#kS!)

papahlamidas said:

Maybe Nicolai Is steal ALIVE....

ebernett said:

Definitely Jacob

Bostonlost said:

Cut off at the sleave shirt

TheGoodPeople said:

Where's the shooter?

DefyxGrandeur said:

God, I wonder who it is! I cried at that whole scene!

Mrs Hume said:

the time is now 1:57 am I think something is wrong with time stamp on here tonight.

Mrs Hume said:

Miles? Is that you?

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