4x01: Eye in Jacob's Cabin

4x01 Eye in Jacob's CabinIn 4x01 just after seeing Jacob / Christian in his rocking chair, a familiar eye pops up at the window scaring Hurley half out of his wits.  But who's eye was it?  Could it have been Locke, in the cabin visiting with Jacob? It seems likely, given that Locke shows up outside the vanished cabin shortly after. And, we know that Locke has some sort of connection with Jacob, he heard Jacob speak, which sent Ben into a jealous fit. Is Locke now taking directions from Jacob? Was Walt's appearance to Locke in the Dharma grave created by Jacob somehow?

4x01 Eye in Jacob's Cabin
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wicked_girl said:

It's Mikhail.

BrianisLOST said:

Ken Leung has brown eyes, this eye is green. I'm banking on Locke.

charinf said:


BobBX542 said:

I think that nash might be right about that, Ken Leung is listed in the cast as "Miles" for S4x2 titled "Confirmed dead" (The episode is probably about Kelvin). Not that this has any real meaning YET. Technically, we haven't met this dude yet, so now that we know who it might be, we still don't know what that means.

nash said:

That is Ken Leung. He played Kid Omega (the spikey guy) in X-Men 3

nash said:

That is Ken Leung the guy who played Kid Omega in Xmen 3.

BobBX542 said:

Shivy, just watched the scene a couple of times to make sure, but no, the salt circle, or whatever, wasn't there.

col81 said:

I thought the idea that it's Charlie is interesting, but the eye doesn't look Charlielike to me. It's the eyebrow that sells me that it's Locke. Compare the eyebrow... Locke has very distinctive eyebrows.

Shivy said:

Bob, but wasn't the gray circle seen in the scene of Hurley's running from the cabin?

I think it's Locke's eye from that screenshot provided by changoblanco

BobBX542 said:

For everyone that says it's not Locke because of the hair, I remember a few times that Locke was using his knife/knives to clean up the shave on his head and face (coorect me if I'm wrong). So I naturally am leaning toward Locke, plus, he does show up right after Hurley geeks. The thing that also make me really think it is Locke is that when he first went to the cabin, he noticed that ring of salt/dust/whatever, and probably knew that it had some sort of mystical property. So I think he went back to help Jacob by breaking the circle, or just getting rid of it all together. I believe that's why the cabin was able to switch from one place to the other, because now Jacob is free to roam the island.

Cardi Q said:


Bud said:

I think Sassenach has hit the nail on the head. I thought the eye we saw was someone with an afro but it could be a hoody and Charlie is dead so I reckon its Charlie too.

KRLJ said:

I really don't think that it's Locke's eye we see in the cabin. I'm tending to think that it's, as KiddyB called him, Mr. "unbreakable" Mikahil. But what Mikhail would be doing in the cabin with Jacob (especially after he exploded and all from the grenade) is beyond me. LOST isn't often logical! lol

KiddyB said:

Look closely, I think it's Mr. "unbreakable" Mikahil...

Sassenach said:

My first reaction was that it was Locke because he shows up looking down on freaked out Hurley. BUT then after looking at the video clip several times, the head is wearing a HOODIE and would mean it's unmistakably CHARLIE. I think this was Charlie's first attempt at contacting Hurley after his death. Later in the flashforward Hurley sees him show up in the convenience store. Then the hallucination with the two way glass in the interegation room. Then walking up to him at the mental institution.

What I want to know is who was popping up and down during the Jack and Hurley's conversation at the baskeball court? There seems to be a head that show up and disappears again above the backboard.

lost_kaliki said:

its got 2 be lockes eye without a doubt.

Wishbone said:

I thought it was Patchy

changoblanco said:
changoblanco said:

Locke's eye

jodeci said:

i first thought it was ben's eye, but it can't be because ben it tied up and with jack
or can ben be in places 'he's not supposed to be' like ms klugh said about walt?

Alwayslost said:

I think it is Locke for sure! That is totally his eye.

dlarso01 said:

Definitely NOT Locke. If you frame advance, you see he has dark hair (visible in this screencapture), and if you look at Locke's face, he has much more lines than this person. In the frame advance, it looked more like Desmond (although it's surely not him).

BrianisLOST said:

definitely Locke.

noelle91176 said:

looks like patchy to me, plus it shouldn't surprise anyone if he was still alive.

in2pain said:

kinda like charlie there for a second... hmmm

Point Place WI said:

Jacob the shape shifter...boo.

I don't thinks it's:
or Patchy Mikhail.

I think it's a new character.

That cabin really angers me. It's like a Blair Witch scene gone bad or a Cloverfield movie.

msmark said:

looks like mikhail

LostintheMatrix said:

Christian is ALIVE!!! in some form at least...

Maxor127 said:

Why does the nose look smashed?

Q-ersed4every1 said:

Looks like Locke's eye to me.

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